“You cannot be serious”

As  a kid I loved John McEnroe- not only was he an amazing tennis player but he had the attitude to match.  The fact that he was sponsored by Sergio Tacchini made him the envy of every soccer casual the length and breadth of the country. His famous outburst (shown in the featured video section to the right) was unbelievable  at the time and to be fair still is. One of the comedy programmes at the time did a great spoof (features a very young Pamela Stephenson).

One of my new years resolutions was 1) Learn and understand tennis trading and this year I aim to get serious  . With the season underway I thought I would do a quick update on some of the tools and techniques that I’m using or planning to.  I’m a million miles away from being an expert but hopefully this will help guide people in the right direction and people may be able to point out some omissions on my part.

There are plenty of services out there that will try and flog you that all important tennis knowledge, However  I’m a member of  all three below and would go so far to suggest that you wont need anything else if you had all three.

The longest established is Trade shark tennis.

For £29 you receive set of strategies that are backed up with videos which are all quite good. The main reason I use this service are the daily summaries which allow you to understand the rationale behind the trades and also you receive access to the forum which contains some excellent advice. The guy who runs it is also very good at responding to email queries no matter how trivial.

Next up is relative newcomer Total Tennis Trading

The first thing to say here is don’t be put off by the completely over the top sales promotion page which unfortunately is a bit too much for my liking. Its a shame really as once you sign up the package really is exceptional with lots of very well thought out strategies and superb colour detail with screenshots  that take you through everything  step by step. These are also backed up with videos and it really is a very professional package. Its not cheap at $79 (just over £50) but its all relative if you are serious (To quote Mr McEnroe).

Lastly is Betfair Guru which I have talked about before on this blog.

The manuals that are sent out as part of this service are relatively basic (in comparison with the above service), however this is more than compensated by the excellent knowledge delivered in the live chat room which is the hub of the service. The Guru (ok lets call him by his real name – Kev) guides people through the trades in real time  telling you exact entry and exit points which his is trading at the same time. The service is quite cautious in nature and I would suggest that if you are an “action junkie” then its probably not for you as you may sit there for a good few hours and the circumstances may not arise that would mean an entry point. The service costs £25 a month and the daily email you receive covers many other aspects of betfair trading. A good summary of  thought process behind the gurus trading style can be found here in a post on the excellent A Punters Year blog.

 Note : Due to the nature of the game Tennis is obviously not going to have lots of different strategies so there will naturally be an element of overlap in points covered in all of the above services.

If you are looking to trade tennis at a decent level then a decent API is essential as those extra seconds getting your trade into the market can be vital. I’m a huge fan of the Geeks Toy for horse racing however for tennis trading I prefer to use Bet Angel. The main real reason for this  being the excellent “bolt on”  tools that you can access, one of which that  enables you to get a decent understanding of what various odds will be  given certain circumstances. Here’s a video showing one of tools in action. Powerful stuff.

Another superb area of resource that is freely available  are tennis blogs. One of the best is Centre Court Trading and there are some others on a blog post that I did almost a year ago where its interesting to see I was vowing to learn and understand tennis trading!!! Hmmmm.

One subject that you will hear about a lot is the one of “courtsiding” (basically getting ahead of the game) and its big news at the moment- rather than me reinventing the wheel here are some  superb  posts from Bet AngelSport is made for betting and Sports trading Life   that cover it off well.

So there you have it – if you went out on a limb and took on all the services listed above, read the blogs , did the research etc would you be guaranteed success? No of course not- you still need to put in the hours but I’m certain it will give you an edge/headstart.

As I said, personally I use a combination of all three and while the start of the season means trading in the middle of the night (not for me. Learning + Sleep deprivation= Financial Disaster), once the Australian open has finished the times will be a more in keeping with UK body clocks.

Lastly while on the subject of the Australian open 888sport yet again are running their excellent 5 set offer– Mrs Blogger and I have done well out of this over the last couple of years  years as once the tournament progresses it follows  that the games will get naturally closer- well worth a closer look.

Good luck to everyone and I hope that this post has been useful.