Yes we Vati-can

Yes we Vati-can.  Ok First off  I’ll admit to having stolen that line from Paddy Power.   Strangely enough one of my favourite soings is called “Reverend Black Grape” (video at bottom of the page) which according to Wikipedia (which I obviously realise means it could be a load of made up nonsense) states:

the song caused mild controversy when released because of its assertion that the Catholic Church was in league with the Nazis: “Oh Pope he got the Nazis, To clean up their messes, In exchange for gold and paintings, he gave them new addresses”. In addition, the song contains a brief audio clip of Adolf Hitler at one of his rallies. The lyrics also borrow from the traditional hymn O come all ye faithful.”

On a related theme (I dont just throw this stuff together you know!) Archie from  E Free Bets ( an Aussie site that helps punters find free bets with online bookies)  has submitted this post:

Making Bets On The Next Pope – Oprah or Bono? The reaction across the globe to the news of Pope Benedict XVI stepping down has been varied. Many people have been stunned and concerned, while others have decided to make money on the Pope’s decision.

Gamblers worldwide have started placing bets on who will assume Pope Benedict’s spot. The Vatican’s highly secretive selection process for a new Pope has spurred speculation and online betting.

A number of online betting sites have added U2’s Bono, musician Madonna and television personality Oprah Winfrey to their list of possible people who may be awarded Pope status. Bono, who was raised in the Catholic church has 1,000 to one odds for his chance at becoming the next Catholic leader. Both Madonna and Winfrey have 2,000 to one odds for receiving the nod from the Vatican to become the next, an online betting forum has a full list of every potential contender for the next Pope. The lead choice from the site is Cardinal Peter Turkson. Turkson has garnered seven to two odds on being chosen for the Papacy. The second lead pick is Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec. Oullet was awarded a spread of four to one odds in his favor. The Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze is in third with 11 to two odds of him succeeding Benedict as the next has an array of oddball chances for the next Papacy beside Winfrey, Bono and Madonna. Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian Prime Minister and Lance Armstrong are also included on the sites betting list.

The online betting site has the Cardinals Arinze, Oullet and Turkson as their top three choices for the Papacy. The evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins is included on Paddypawer’s Papal list with 666 to one odds. has not included Madonna, Armstrong or Winfrey on their list of potential Pope contenders. Their list includes mostly Italian Cardinals and a few Archbishops. The site has a huge disclaimer boasting that if a black Pope is chosen, every person who placed a bet while receive their money back.

Nobody knows for sure what is happening behind the closed doors of the Vatican as they search for their next Pope. One thing is for certain, someone will make money off of whomever is chosen.