When Handy met Shirley

Readers of a certain age will remember the above film and at the time the scene was felt to be close to the edge- shows you how times have changed!

So whats this got to do with anything? Well this weekend will be my first weekend when I’m going to merge the homer  strategies of “Handy Andy”  with the PMT (Pre match trading) tool from the Tradingfootball team. My plan is to use the tool to identify prices that are out of line to give me some nice green on various correct scores and be able to work myself into a comfortable position following Andy’s advice and with any luck the results will be as orgasmic as when Harry met Sally!

There are also lots of money-back offers this weekend (the best of which are on the freeeasybets.com website)  and while I will  be probably looking  to incorporate the Paddy Power offers with my trading, the Ladbrokes offers look like a straightforward case of backing and laying and then hoping for an upset. Of course Ladbrokes aren’t that stupid and its not that often that United lead against so called “lesser teams” but Arsenal are a completely different


Good luck to everyone this weekend !