Whats your fantasy?

I did laugh recently when I saw this post on the always excellent Football Traders Path called “Wet Tits”. As  well as offering some excellent advice (to be fair it always does and  worth a read back through the archives) it also featured this:

The rather strange title for this post comes as a result of looking at the stats on my blog. Of the Google searches that resulted in the user finding their way to my blog, two searches for “wet tits” strangely led those people to me. Of all the porn sites that this particular search should have pulled up, I do find that somewhat bizarre.

Afterall, as I’m sure you’ll agree, there is so much high-brow philosophical adult discussion in this blog. All I can say is:

Huge erections, hot sex, come in my mouth, anal, double penetration and huge bouncy tits.

There, that should help to bring in a few more visitors from now on 🙂

So have I adopted the same low brow method in an attempt to boost my blog rankings? Nope. (No I havent!!). The fantasy I’m referring to is fantasy football. Now this really is something that divides opinions in a “marmite” sort of way (for those non familiar with the term you wlil either love it or hate it).

The “haters”  (look at me I is down wit da yoof) think its all a bit childish and feel that  grown men should have better things to do with their time, treating people who take part with something akin to the respect afforded to train spotters. Those in favour view it as a bit of harmless fun giving people the opportunity to indulge in some harmless banter and gain bragging rights over their mates. Although everything I read on Wiki I treat with the  utmost caution I did found this that seems to suggest it is rather popular and bearing in mind these numbers are 5 years old its quite a sizeable following:

For example, according to a 2008 study by Ipsos, the number of British fantasy sports players aged 16–64 is estimated to range between 5.5 and 7.5 million. Of those, 80 percent of these players participate in fantasy soccer. It is also massively popular in the States (hence the tasteful picture)

So where am I going with all this? Well last year I ran a fantasy football league competition through easily the best version of the game (IMO) . It’s completly free to enter and there is no catch at all.  I unticked all the communication preferences and have never once been bothered. http://fantasy.premierleague.com/

The great thing about this version of the game is that once you have set your team up you can join multiple leagues by entering the relevant codes.

The Fulltimbettingblog.com league has a massive £100 prize to the winner again this season and the code to join is : 1310677-299583

If any bookmaker wants to a offer a prize and sponsor the league then feel free to get in touch but please note we wont be able to call it the Fulltimebettingblog.com/(insertbookmaker name here) Huge erections, hot sex, come in my mouth, anal, double penetration and huge bouncy tits, fantasy league 2013/14 as it probably wont get past the censors.

Once you’ve joined that you can then set up a league with your mates although if you are  playing fanatsy football, then according to sterotype, you wont have any, so Ive done the hard work and found these little beauties for you. They all offer various prizes either monthly or to the overall winners:

Boylesports 1232243-283637

Bet365 1585980-352090

Ladbrokes 515459-298400

AMcCleans 1585980-352090

SMarkets 975970-229351

Paddy Power are also running a free to enter last man standing competition this week as well.

Enjoy and good luck.


(Editors note: Apologies to all the dissapointed pervs who have now arrived on this site ) 😉