We have a winner!

Firstly lets put the whole book saga to bed! Apologies if my last post sounded like I was throwing my toys out of the pram- “the blog will go on”.

We have a winner!- Sean from the excellent Birdie Club betting blog left this post:

Ahhhh…..does someone want a hug?;) Seriously though I know what you mean…”its like talking to yourself.”

You have a great blog, its one of the first I read each evening. Golf betting has its ups & downs, its fantastic when you have a winner, especially at 50/1 or better but as with all betting, it often has it’s lean periods as is such the case with my own blog review on golf betting at present.

Maybe there is room to create a forum of golf trading somewhere or a “syndicate” of some sorts with a view to trading techniques & tips as the markets can have huge potential on Sundays.

Steve Palmer of the Racing Post is quite hot at the moment too if that is of any use?

keep it going

The Forum idea is an interesting one as Im convinced there are lots of people who trade the golf  (you just have to look at the liquidity on Betfair to realise that) and who may have some decent ideas to share. The only issue is the age old one of “edge”. I’ve found that people have been very unwilling to share their ideas as if it is particulary successful they may lose that edge by the weight of people copying their idea. I’ve always been wiling to share things with people over skpe messenger etc and have found that once you can build up an element of trust and there is a good two way flow of ideas /tips etc it works well. If anyone is ineterested then by all means leave a message and I can mail you.

Onto this weeeks golf and all that excitement for Steve Palmer backing yet more winers has obviously meant he celebrated too hard and has had a week off. Now thats all well and good Steve but what about your adoring public??????. When your an idiot like me who gets up at silly o’clock to go to Tescos’s to buy the Racing post only to get home and find that the selections are from Jeremy Chapman its a bit annoying! Its MORE  annoying because I’m that stupid I backed them all to the advised points pattern and then it dawned on me that Jeremy had put almost identical tips in the racing and football outlook the day before which I had already backed. So now I have double stakes on this weeks golf- could be messy!

Talking of Messi (see what I did there?) what a player!. If you haven’t seen his goal trust me you will as it was a thing of beauty on an ugly night.  I didn’t get involved from a trading perspective  I didn’t want to commit two hours of my life to watching grown men roll around on the floor feigning injury and trying to get players sent off. Now wonder the English premier league is so popular abroad as te last half hour that I did watch was pathetic. Summed up really by the fact that both Freddie Flintoff and Grame Swann both tweeted that they had turned over and were watching masterchef instead!