Tweeting the Badger.

Twiiter is a weird environment.

The first thing you notice is that people are quite rude. Civility and manners goes out the window and peoples default setting seems to be unnaturally aggressive. Reasoned debate seems to go out the window and people seem to think that only having 140/280 characters to get their message across  makes it ok to “act up ” a little bit.

In fairness you could  forgive people sometimes for  being defensive given the unbelievable amount of “trollong” that goes on but the reason I bring it up was because of an “conversation” that I was involved in.

I revolved around the recent BPL T20 match between Sylhet and Dhaka which I was watching  closely as Sylhet nearly blew it.

The following tweet appeared in my time line

“Carnage at low prices in the BPL. Millions blown between 1.07 and 1.15 on Sylhet”.

This was posted by Tony Hargraves @SportsTrader_AU

Here is the rest of the exchange that followed.

Nicholas Wade:Millions blown on a winning bet?

Tony Hargraves:Were you born a dickhead or is it a talent you developed in later life?”

Me:  “A fair question I thought that didn’t need the instant rather defensive abuse?”

TH: “Then he should have read the tweet that followed it rather than be an aftertiming  smartarse”

Me: “As someone running a professional service why rise to the bait then? Just point that out and let smart people decide”

TH: “Thanks for the business advice”.

Me: “Brilliant. Sarcasm as well. Quite wonderful really”

TH: “Well who the hell are you to tell me how to run my business?Imagine if I took advice from every muppet on twitter”.

Me : “Such anger. “Who the hell….” Don’t remember “telling you how to run your business” . All publicity is good publicity .!

TH: “Ahhh back to that. Bye Bye.”

At this point Mr Hargraves “blocked me”. (The first time anyone has ever done so).

For those too lazy/wary to click on the link it led to the excellent Geeks toy forum:

The Blagger or The Bragger? – £1500 Charity Challenge!

Some of you may be aware of the long time love affair between myself Tony Hargrief { AKA The Blagger }

The short version is this. Many moons ago when Tony first darkened the doorstep of the trading community, he was always sticking out after the fact videos of him winning. To the point that he had everyone convinced he was making bucket loads on Betfair. Then one day back in March 2009, Tony spectacularly lost all his credibility in the eyes of the trading community when he & Mikey B were part of a challenge to trade & produce videos of a number of races agreed in advance. Although raring to go in the run up, after the first race Tony spectacularly pulled out with a lame excuse about going for a “Walk in the Park” On this day, “The B@dger” became “The Blagger” in the eyes of myself and many in the Betfair community.

A couple of months afterwards, Tony approached Adam & asked if he could start advertising his courses on the RT forums. Not long after this, Tony started advertising an eBook & this caused the RT forums to go into meltdown as the regulars were incensed that this was bringing down the quality of the forums. They were even more incensed that this was also being done by somebody who had no credibility in their eyes. Furthermore, Tony has a nasty habit of slagging off other products & people providing their own services. { Hence why he has incurred the wrath of yours truly. } Sometime after this during the great RT customer service debacle of 2009, Geeks Toy was launched & the bulk of trading community upped sticks and moved over here.

In the 3 years I have known Tony, all we have seen is “after the fact” cherry picked videos & screen shots of him winning, followed by a desperation to flog courses, eBooks & tipping services. Not once has anyone seen any genuine proof that he makes the kind of money he claims to on Betfair, even though he advertises himself as a “Professional Sports Trader” on Twitter today and has also claimed publicly in a Bloomberg news article last year that he makes “400 USD an hour” trading sports.

A few weeks ago, I challenged Tony every day on Twitter for circa 3 weeks to produce a video of his 3 month Betfair P&L to show us he is what he adversities himself to be. Instead of doing the vid, he threw some abuse my way, then shut down / renamed his Twitter account to avoid my challenges on the 19th August. On Sunday he popped up on Twitter again under a different name. From what I have seen, as well as acting like a child with attention disorder, information in my possession both in & out of the public domain makes me certain Tony is nowhere near as successful as he has claimed / claims.

So being the charitable soul I am, and also being one to put my money where my mouth is, by eMail & by Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning, I have challenged Tony to provide a video this week of his Betfair 3 month P&L, coupled with the lifetime P&L on his account via the Betfair premium portal. Should Tony do this, I have promised to donate £1000 to a children’s charity of Tony’s choice, coupled with an additional £500 towards Darren Halls latest charity run.

Should Tony also show lifetime profits in excess of £150k { Which should be a piece of cake for somebody who claimed to earn $400 an hour last year. }, I will also re-brand him on these forums from “The Blagger” to “The Bragger”.

So it’s challenge time once again. I’ve stuck my money where my mouth is, let’s see Tony do the same! Let’s see him rise to the challenge to show the Betfair community some genuine proof to back up his claims whilst earning some money for charity & making me poorer to boot! Tony has until 2:00 AM UK time on Monday 19th September to show us all who he really is, The Blagger or The Bragger.

Will he rise to the challenge this time, or will he be going for another walk in the park? { I know which one my money is on!}

and then …..

Well as you can see, The Blagger failed to deliver any proof to back up his claims and have his reputataion lifted out of the gutter on this forum. { Even for a good cause. }

His rather lame excuse yesterday being….

No need to wait lads, there wont be an answer. Nobody posts videos of their salary to please a mental case. Back to ignoring you now 🙂

Just one point to make here, Tony has been posting winning screenshots, videos & claims about his salary on the internet for years. What Tony really meant to say was “I’m nowhere near as successful as I have conned you into thinking with my bullshit marketing, and when finally put on the spot to back up my bullshit, that’s all I could think to say.”

Anyway, from this day forward {until such time as genuine proof is forthcoming to back up Tony’s claims} whenever I see The Blagger operating in this industry, I will be reminding him of this challenge and warning anyone and everyone to steer well clear of him. I hope others who read this will do the same.

And just so the charities don’t miss out, I’ve challenged the real pro traders to do a vid instead.


Rather than this turn into the longest blog post ever I will post up my thoughts at a later date but thought it might be of interest to a few people.

Incidentally the Muppet show was one of my fav programmes as a kid.

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