Trying not to win the Premiership

Well that was quite interesting day of football. Only traded on Saturday as had agreed to spend some quality time with Mrs Blogger before  I disappear off on my holidays in a few days time.

First off was the Man United game and if you had read my post you will have seen that I wasn’t too keen on Uniteds  chances. Watching the game it was actually one of Uniteds better away performances and at 2-0 down I backed them at 12.5.  Nice. Even better was the fact that as predicted the “to win Premiership” market was literally all over the place. United went out as far as 2.16 at one point and as a result both Arsenal and Chelseas prices came steaming in before Uniteds comeback. Having backed both those teams pregame I closed the positions at half time to give me some nice green on them. Both teams inability to beat lesser opposition really sums up the their respective seasons and I saw a great comment on twitter regarding Arsenal;  “its like watching lesbian porn, lots of great foreplay but no real penetration when it mattered”. Liking that (and the comment!).

So United are now 1.25 to win the title and it would take a brave man to bet big against them, or would it…..? Probably so as as relatively poor as United have been this year , the chasing teams have been worse and their two remaining “tough games” are against Arsenal and Chelsea who are just so inconsistent. Personally I think its a brave lay but may still be some trading opportunities there.

Can’t let the post finish without commenting on the Rooney swearing incident. I’m not a Rooney fan after his transfer request fiasco a few months back,  slagging off the England fans to the camera at the World Cup  was bad enough and you would have thought he would have learnt his lesson but to do it again just shows a lack of intelligence. So we can certainly  expect him to do it again then. I was more irritated by Alan Shearer on Match of the Day to be honest whose incisive comment on the whole episode was “he’s apologised, forget about it move on” . Thanks Alan for that and remember readers to use that defence at work next time you offend someone. Parents watching their kids on a Sunday morning will also be pleased. Respect eh?  Stan Collymore was right a while ago when he stated that the  BBC pundits were too like a cosy golfing club- if you’ve not heard his views they are well worth a listen here.

(Update- looks like someone at the FA has grwon some balls- Wayne Rooney has been given a two match ban. Not clear where in their rules the offence is specifically covered and it sets a precedent that they will probably bottle out of following up on. A one match ban for diving with the offence simply titled “cheating” ( not “simulation”) would help clean the game up no end.)