As regular readers of the blog will know I have been a member of the service for a long time and this season have made a real concerted effort to learn more about this particular areas of trading which is of great interest to me. Ive also signed up and have the “Shirley PMT” tool although to be honest I’ve only really scratched the  surface with regards to the opportunities that this can offer.

I’m delighted therefore to be able to offer an insight on the service from one of the co founders the one and only Mr “Bingo” Little.  Bingo Take the hot seat!

For those who aren’t aware of who you are, how long have you been trading on football and what has been the extent of your involvement with sports trading overall?

I came across Betfair in 2003 and the betting exchange concept totally changed my approach to sports betting. Since football betting was something I had been involved with since an early age, it was natural to concentrate on trading on that sport. After a few years I began to learn trading horses as well. Tennis & Golf trading can be very profitable but I find those sports boring so don`t get involved. Maybe that`s a good point to make: trade a sport that you have in-depth knowledge of and that you like.

How did the idea for the trading football service come about?

I met my partner, Adster, via the Racing Traders forum. We were both very active there and in the summer of 2009 we began to discuss the idea of setting up a service that specialised in trading football. We created initially a blog which attracted a lot of interest so we decided to then go full time with a website and a members subscription service

How long has it been set up?

Since September 2009

How many members have you got?

Since its inception in 2009 the service has grown exponentially month by month. We currently have nearly 300 full paid & trial members

There are so many people out there that are having trouble trying to crack this trading game. Is there a common mistake that you find newer members often make?

A good question. The mistakes made can be both technical and psychologically based. Poor match selection ( lack of adequate research, a need to trade for the sake of it) is common. As is the newbie`s unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved. Trading is a skill like any other and must be learnt and practiced. This initial lack of technical ability combined with a weak psychological mindset will hinder progress. Patience is the key here. Without it, the new trader will suffer from poor judgment of what to do and when. It is common, therefore, for a new trader to be hesitant, to lack an essential requirement which is to react positively.

Lay the draw- dead as a dodo?

Not at all. This strategy involves the classic principle of trading: knowing your entry & exit points. Correct match selection is the starting point and determining the time you need to exit the trade should the game be going against you is the second. The latter should be based on a pre-determined acceptance of how much you are prepared to lose on the trade, i.e what percentage of your bank you are willing to expose as your maximum  liability

From what I have seen you seem to use a variety of trading techniques from scalping to swing trading. Do you have a favourite strategy / sport?

Seasoned betting exchange traders have remarked that the explosive growth of companies like Betfair has seen an ever increasing efficiency in the markets, thus making finding an edge more difficult. Hence at we have developed a number of strategies to counteract this. The basis of these strategies consists of trading two markets with one generally acting as an insurance against the other.
Scalping is not so much a strategy but a technique that can be employed to give the trader additional insurance. The use of the “Halftime  bounce” effect is one that I particularly like as it is very low risk since the game is not in-play at this time. Following the old IBM maxim” if it ain’t broke, don`t fix it” I still like the straightforward Correct score market trading which is what I started out doing 7 years ago. Knowing precisely what the odds on any given score will be at any point during the game gives me confidence to trade in this way

There are plenty of other trading services out there- what makes yours any different?

First & foremost, we state very clearly that we do not guarantee get rich quick promises. Rather we present ourselves as a training service with a heavy accent on guidance & support. This not only comes from the 2 principal partners but crucially from the senior members as well. Our chat room I would bullishly suggest is a superb environment in which traders of all levels can benefit . I don`t know of many other companies who offer a daily live trading service (sure, there are plenty of sites on the net who send out tips by email) – probably because it is quite a pressured job to do on such a consistent basis

 There are many people out there that seem to believe sports trading is as simple as watching a match and entering the market in your view, how important is research to making money in football trading?

I have touched upon this in a previous question but clearly correct match selection is vital. In this regard it is relatively simple to achieve as we marry a particular strategy to any given game. Stats play their part in the trading mix, like H2Hs or recent form, but in my opinion there is no substitute for trading a game that you are actually watching live

You’ve recently launched the PMT SERVICE- Tell us a bit about it? Is it to be used in conjunction with your main service etc?

Our service is built around in-play trading. The PMT software added a new dimension to what we do by virtue of the fact that it is possible to make money before a ball has been kicked. The software essentially highlights incorrect prices on Betfair through the use of a number of filters & cross referencing of odds.
The ability to gain “free green” on a particular scoreline or market means you can then enter an in-play trade with a specific strategy knowing that your staking can be adjusted to your favourable advantage. You enter a trade by placing £50 on Under 2.5 as an insurance against your second market. Imagine the benefit of having that £50 already in place without spending any of your own money!

Edit- you can find more information out on the PMT tool by clicking this link)


And Finally do you have a preferred training api- is one even necessary?

There are 3 main players in this field: Bet Angel , Racing Traders Evolution and Geeks Toy The latter is free by the way and has, arguably, many of the whistles and bells of the other two paid for products. API software has one distinct advantage in that it offers the trader an instant view of the depth of money in any given market. For scalpers this is essential as it facilitates the entry points for him. Simply, it allows the trader to see where he is in the queue more easily than the standard Betfair interface. The other advantage is the ability to green up with one click – far more efficient than using the “what if” function on Betfair

Thanks to Bingo for his time – anyone interested in joining the service can do so via the link below which gives you a free 14 day trial (and yes I know the link says 7!!) link  so you can see if the service is for you. This weekend the guys will be running a special webinar which is open to all so now has never been a better time to Have a look and see if the service is for you. I personally think the “GREEN ROOM ” is an excellent source of knowledge and is worth the monthly fee on its own.

Lastly with probably the biggest Manchester derby for years (well according to Sky Sports and until the next one) the bookmakers are falling over themselves with offers for the big game- the best of which are listed here at

Good luck with your trades this weekend