Time Poor

Its often noted that blogs generally last about  60 days and then wither and die. Betting blogs (and there are some notable exceptions) tend to be full of the “I’m going do xyz and here is a record of  it” variety. They  then post regularly until either they lose all their cash or  lose interest as they realise that no one will ever give them any feedback even though the blog is visited quite often.

So which category  does this blog fall into ?

If Im honest, there is a hint of the second reason at the moment as you very rarely get anything like positive feedback. Allthough strangely enough upon opening my blog today I was greeted with 1,191 comments that had made it through the spam filter. Alas it looks like there are 1,190 entries there about Viagra so it will be quite hard to sift through them all. 😉

The main reason for the lack of blogging has simply been being “time poor”. With three children under 4 including twins aged 2 (“hard work” some one once said? really?”) its chaotic at the best of times and if I’m not looking after them or trying to earn a few pennies for nappies (I wish I had bought shares in Pampers) then the last thing I feel like doing is trying to come up with some interesting to write (which I struggle to do in day to day conversation even when I’m not sleep deprived).

In 2018 I’ve decided to take a time out from most forms of “Mug” betting as they were simply becoming too time consuming. I think its important to note that the services I followed ( free or otherwise ) were excellent and generally profitable and at some point in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to return to them. I’ve got a few betting orientated projects on the go at the moment which I will probably elaborate on in future posts.

For completeness here they are with some results and some other observations. In no particular order.


Betfair Cricket tipster. Free – In the two years that I followed him I achieved a decent ROI of 8.46%. The prices don’t tend to “go” that quickly although as he covers all forms of cricket all around the world there can be no set time to check the site to see if any selections are posted.

Jeremy Chapman Racing and Football Outlook Golf

Two  year return of 45%. Thats not a typo. And when I checked it again I did wonder why I wasn’t following anymore!. This figure would have been even better as the last week of the  2017 season JC tipped winners in all three tournaments and for some inexplicable reason I hadn’t placed the bets that week. Jeremy releases his selections on a Tuesday and I purchased the digital edition of the paper and placed the bets very early that morning. This meant that I pretty much always got the best prices before Steve Palmer of the Racing Post decimated the market with his selections on a Wednesday. Jeremy wont mind me saying that he has been around for a while – he is brilliant at what he does.

Football Investor

Subscriber Football Service that has delivered an ROI of 3.79% over the last two seasons. Bets are usually released on a Thursday night around 7pm and there is some price pressure although some would rebound. Run by “Stewboss” who was always excellent at replying to any queries. A service that isnt for the fainthearted as was sometimes a bit of a roller coaster and with 859 bets placed over those two seasons it was fairly time consuming.

Hugh Taylor


Regular readers of this blog (My Mum) will know that I have followed Hugh for a long time and up until last year had always managed to get the prices (completely possible as long as you are in front of a PC). Those pesky kids have somewhat got in the way of this and I found myself  sometimes being  wedded to the PC waiting for it to “bleep” informing me that the page had been updated, while the kids were laughing and playing outside,  ( and as one of my friends wisely said recently ” make the most of it- they very quickly grow up and soon don’t want to hold your hand anymore”) . Othertimes I was just missing the price and placing lesser value bets at slashed prices which is never going to be profitable.

Since 2014 when I started using an updated spreadsheet Ive placed 1066  bets on Hughs selections at various places which have delivered a ROI of 15.76% . That’s an incredible performance for a free service and whenever Hugh has a a bad run the idiots who whinge at him on Twitter would do well to remember his long term track record.

So there you have it- If you added those 4 tipsters to your portfolio I genuinely think you would make decent long term returns. I hope its been useful.

Ive also spent a bit of time updating the blog roll to add a few of the newer content providers which I hope people find interesting.

Finally I always used to post plenty of music videos on here but stopped for some reason. Here is a personal favourite of mine that I’ve  rediscovered recently. Sadly Ian Curtis took his own life about a month after this video was filmed .