Time flies

Wow. Time flies when you’ve got screaming kids!

Its been over 6 months since the last blog piece and while bloggers normally stop posting because they either have nothing interesting left to say (that never ever stopped me) or its no fun posting about losing, the simple fact is that with three kids under three, time is so limited that every waking moment seems to be taken up.

Betting wise its been actually ok. With the emphasis very much on the “ok” though.

Golf wise, Jeremy Chapman in the RFO is level for the year although he would have been nicely ahead as he had tipped Justin Rose at the Masters. I was actually pleased to see this bet lose as was chuffed for Sergio to actually win a Major at last.

Football Investor is 22 points ahead for the season and  I will be more than happy if it stays that way now.

Racing wise -Hugh Taylor is down 10 points this year but this is more to do with missing a couple of big priced winners all together along with missing prices on another couple of winners. I’m quite disciplined in not putting the bets on if I’m not within a certain percentage of the advised price but boy is it frustrating when they then go on and win!

Ive laid Man United to win the Europa League as even though as a United fan I would love them to win it I think the price they are (2.58) is waaaay to short.

In the blogging world Cassini appears to be having some fun at various “vendors” expense. I’ve actually had first hand experiance of all of those mentioned.

I went on the BetAngel course years ago and to be honest I cant remember too much about it but that probably tells you all you need to  know. I cant recall ever using any of the information from the course and I certainly wouldn’t be paying £400 for it although I don’t think I paid anything near that.

The badger (aka Tony Hargreaves) I met at a trading event Betfair were running (Centaur were also involved) and again it was a bit of a let down . It was a free invite so can’t complain too much but I do  recall being underwhelmed with the trading advice on the particular game that was on. Again if I remember correctly it was an overs bet on football and an early goal was scored but the advice was something along the lines of ” great start – lets hang in there, there are bound to be other goals”. It finished 1-0.

Ive bought videos from Caan Berry in the last year or so and have found them to be very informative and more importantly when I’ve asked for specific advice its been forthcoming. Thats not to say I’ve cracked horse racing trading as its farcically hard  and frustrating but that is probably more to do with my inability/lack of  discipline /lack of time as anything else.

One quote that I did pick up on the Green all over blog was this:

Courses by Pee Wee, the squadie and The Bodger are all given by poorly educated and unqualified people. You get what you pay for.

I personally think this is unfair as it insinuates that only courses given by well educated ( in terms of academic qualifications ) can be of any use. Some people are not / have not been fortunate enough to have the support network in pace to be able to go to university and instead have had to make their own way in life and self educate themselves. To then insinuate that anything they do isn’t of any worth seems very unfair and to be honest sits every uncomfortably with me.

How does the author of that comment know those people are poorly educated? And define “poorly educated” anyway. Some of the biggest fckwits known to man are “well educated” in terms of academic results but seem to be capable of making rather strange decisions. “Lets meddle in other counties affairs in the Middle East again even though last time we did it we had no plan for what happened afterwards and it left a power vacuum”. “I KNOW LETS DO IT AGAIN” “AND AGAIN”.

But hey those people were obviously well educated (Tony Liar and David Cameron both went to Oxford) and well qualified people so what do I know?

My Mum used to have a poster on her wall “some people think its nice to be important-I think its important to be nice”. Some people could learn from that.