There is a light……..

And it never goes out.

That’s my bedside reading light at the moment as with the arrival of a couple of more mouths to feed ( a 67/1 chance) it means that night times are purely defined by darkness not enjoyable trivial things like sleep .

Reading your iPhone while feeding  and winding (twins not me !) isn’t really conducive to getting any sleep ( something to do with the white light stimulating your eyes?) and  you also end up reading a load of crap on sky sports news which is even worse.

So I’ve decided to use the time positively and do some proper reading .Having slowly worked my way through the various “gruffalo” books scattered around the house I’m now onto a rather weightier tome ( which I think I saw mentioned on the green all over blog although I cant be bothered to check!)  .

Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed is billed as “the surprising truth about success and why some people never learn from their mistakes “ and is very very  good. It focuses predominantly on the aviation and medical industries/professions and their hugely different approaches to what happens when things go wrong – it’s not particularly sports or betting related but many of the points it makes are fascinating and transferable  and I’m certainly going to adopt them while I’m looking to refine a couple of racing “set and forget” strategies.

The main theme of the book is that to make progress and improve you should positively embrace failure (and in some cases actively seek it out) as  it’s sometimes only the continued “breaking” of  things that allows ideas become refined and workable. Of course I’ve massively over simplified a 320 page  book but if you find yourself in possession of some book tokens post Christmas ( do such things even exist now ?) then well worth a read.

The old adage ” if it ain’t broken don’t try and fix it” should potentially be changed to ” if it ain’t broken then break it and then fix it ” but cant see it catching on somehow!

Looks like the light won’t be going out for a good while yet so I’ll be looking to use the dead of night to further research and  refine some of the tried and tested techniques that have served me well over the last year. Its been a great year and the last few months since the Summer have seen some great developments in some of the things I’ve tried with some really pleasing results which hopefully will continue into 2016.

Merry Christmas to all my readers old and new ( page counter shows 2892689 unique page views  since 2010) so huge thanks to my mum who is clearly just refreshing the page 24/7.