The importance of luck

Luck? Or is it timing? .Or ability? Or being organised?

Or is it just a case of the well quoted saying “the harder I practice the luckier I get?”

I say all this as, in my last post I mentioned that Hugh Taylor was having an absolute belting month. Well, the figures are out and (to advised stakes and advised odds) he made an incredible 45.90 points profit. The key point there though is the point about the stakes and prices.  I’m normally very good at getting the prices ( its just a question of being very organised at a certain time) but I had a nightmare on a couple of days ( an over talkative postman on one day)  which just so happened to co-incide with big priced winners being selected.  49.2 points of that profit came from just two selections (16/1 and 25/1 each way winners) . If this wasn’t bad enough, for some reason I had decided that instead of backing them with 1 point each way I would only do 1/2 point each way. Unlucky? The end of the month delivered a 23 point losing streak so if you had heard about the success and thought “I will have a piece of that” were you unlucky to start following at that time?

One “unlucky” punter certainly thought so according to Hughs twitter feed.

Sep 24

fella tweeted to me last night “I know people have bad runs, but yours is as bad as I’ve known”…column is +54pts this month

Was I lucky that I decided to fully commit to following The Football investor service (after ditching TFA ) this season and he has had his best ever start to the season ? 54 points profit in September is some going and while I fully expect it to be  a roller coaster ride, boy is it nice to have something stored in the bank to lose with!

Perhaps I just need to practice harder?