The Coral BOG

The Bog. You would have thought that its fairly straightforward to use.Most of use would seem to be quite comfortable with how it works.

Not our friends at Coral who rather sneakily seemed to have changed the way things work.

Have a read of this great piece of marketing bullshit:

A headline of “win more every race every day” is just utter nonsense. Most bookies who offer best odds guaranteed (The BOG that I’m referring to) are quite happy to let you place a bet in the knowledge that if the price drifts you will get a better price. Not Coral. You have to uncover it on a tab called “more markets”  where you take a lower price to buy the BOG insurance. Rubbish. If this wasn’t bad enough they have also added a green tick column that enhances the price slightly but you won’t get a BOG there either.

Poor poor show from one of the bigger books and I would advise anyone betting on horses not to forget that Ladbrokes offer consistently strong prices that they hold for longer- anyone ever trying to get on Hugh Taylors picks in the morning will know that the prices  are slashed in an instance and Lads are one of the few (along with Stan James) with a bit of bottle who  back their original judgement and tend to keep their prices up for longer. Not sure why Ladbrokes  pulled out of Oddschecker but easy to forget them if you are searching for some value and “Every little helps”- Do tescos do horses? 😉

Lastly while we are on the subject of value there is all sorts of fun to be had on the Champions league final- latest offers are here and on Friday will publish my own bets.Ohh the excitement! And heres something nice and topical…