The Bullseye Speedboat Moment

Readers of a certain age will be familiar with 1970’s (possibly early 80’s?) quiz show Bullseye which was one of the most popular shows of the time. The highlight of the show for me as a young kid was always when they  wheeled on a speedboat and Jim Bowen the host would utter the immortal lines “come and have a look at what you would have won” . The camera would then pan  to the stunned reaction  of two factory workers from the Midlands who probably hadn’t really ever  considered the idea of what they were ever going to do with a speedboat as they would  probably have to find out what a river was first.

I had my own “Speedboat moment” on Friday morning when I woke up to check how this weeks golf selections were getting on. Clearly nothing gets won on the first day however I had had a massive 50p each way (I know I know) double on

RBC Heritage Who Will Lead After The 1st Rnd? Who Will Lead After The 1st Rnd?, Potter, Ted, 176.00 Lost


Open De Espana Who Will Lead After The 1st Rnd? Who Will Lead After The 1st Rnd?, Higgins, David, 201.00 Placed

The sharper mathematical minds among you will no doubt have already worked out that that the odds on that were 35,376 /1. Assuming the each way was a quarter of the odds then that was a barely respectable 8844/1.

Ted Potter finished one shot out of the places. I wonder how much a speedboat costs nowadays?