Thats better…..

A cracking result from the Golf Guru service last weekend who broke a recent lean spell with a nice 35/1 winner in the shape of Sergio Garcia at last weekends wyndham championship. Disappointingly  the tournament spilled over onto the Monday morning and was rather surprised that Sky didn’t televise it. No wobbles from Sergio as 4 birdies from the off put paid to any thought of a betting mishap,  It was a nice situation to be in as the man chasing him down the home straight was Racing Post two point pick Tim Clark so a “win win”. The RP golf  (Steve Palmer and Jeremy Chapman combined) is now 60 points in profit for the year which for a free service is superb. What’s even better if your fond of your bed is that the Ipad app now carries the full version of the paper so no getting out of bed to buy the paper at 6am in order to grab the value.

Talking of free services that are making a welcome return to form, ATR’s Hugh Taylor has had a cracking August with a nice 13 point profit including a 12/1 winner yesterday at York (Trade Storm). Hughs service went through an awful run in July with only 3 winners in 79 (none of which were particularly big prices) which Hugh had said at the time was easily his worst ever run. Despite this the service is in good shape with a 31 point profit year to date although I will say that if your not getting the advised prices (which I think is relatively easy with a bit of planning ) then you wont be showing numbers quite as positive.

The Market Examiner is not in quite such a healthy position and is having a really torrid time at the moment, pretty much summed up by the fact that they have found 3 second places in a row. The official numbers on there blog show a year with no growth in profit although my numbers are actually a little worse as I missed a couple of digit winners due to holiday and golf commitments (!) and although Ive also found the service excellent in terms of communication etc I will have to think long and hard about renewing my subscription when they return after the Autumn break.

Nobody likes to brag but I cant help but point out that after one whole week I’m top of the £100 cash prize fantasy football league . Not too late to join and all the details are here. Talking of football I found myself strangely unexcited by the first weekend of Premier league fixtures, lots of goals and great games but after the Olympics I just couldn’t be arsed to watch grown men rolling around on the floor pretending to be hurt. Hopefully the excitement will return .

Lastly I’m off with some friends to Cardiff to watch the T20 Finals on Saturday which I’m hoping wont be spoilt by the weather (current forecast Thunderstorms), I’ll be fascinated to see if the mobile phone coverage there is decent and whether it will allow me to pay for my all day drinking session by throwing in a few cheeky trades  as it happens. Mind you the combination of a day on the sauce plus my fat fingers could spell disaster so may have to rethink that one! ;-).  Good luck to my friend Phil Jaques who will be opening the batting for Yorkshire-  Phil had some terrible luck with injuries which ultimately cost him a place in the Australian team but on his day can destroy any bowling attack so it will be great to cheer him on to success.

Oh one more thing- if you like sign up bonuses- click the 138Sungame link above and enter the bonus code PSS100SB. You’ll get a £200 bonus. Which is nice!!