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Chap (the)man.

A great weekend on the golf with the picks from Jeremy Chapman (staring at you through the letter box) doing really well both sides of the Atlantic. Simon Dyson came up trumps in the Irish Open at 25/1 and over the other side of the pond it was a case of “close but no cigar” as going into the last day three of the selections had forced their way into contention (including Kim with a great 62) only to fall by the wayside when it got right down to the business end- luckily I had laid all of these guys in both of the win and place markets and while […]

Do your homework!!

  A phrase that  used to fill my heart with dread as a kid when I asked my mum if I could “play out” with my mates. The same applies  with all the various systems that always seem to be  pushed at us by various sources. Its not uncommon for various systems/tipping services etc to be advertised by people promoting the service and getting a cut so this therefore makes it difficult to get an unbiased view  . Of course no one makes you buy any of this stuff so the key here is do your research and homework. More often than not though that’s where the fun and games […]

You win again

  Cheesy title and one that I thought I could also post a video up of Abba of whom I secretly had a crush on the blonde one when I was a schoolboy. You can therefore imagine my disappointment when I found that “you win again” is a Bee Gees track and a quick check on Youtube will make you realise why I didn’t post the video- Not the stuff of schoolboy fantasies!! (The ABBA track is  “the winner takes it all” incidentally) .   Anyway, enough rambling, whats all this about ? Well after spending a week away playing golf I thought it would only be fair on Mrs […]