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    Congratulations! You’re an 888sport prize winner! Thank you for taking part in 888sport’s Champions League Final promotion, which took place between the 12/5/2011 – 24/5/2011.   Cue a heart attack at blogger towers as the prize was a 2 VIP Tickets to the final tomorrow. I scrolled down the mail to find that I hadn’t bagged the tickets and it was £50 quids worth of vouchers. A strange sense of relief came over me as it dawned on me that had I  won I would have been faced with a tricky decision- take Mrs Blogger who celebrates her birthday this weekend and is effectively  “giving it up”! to […]

Hooray for the weekend!!

Its weird when you  look forward to the weekend but for completely different reasons to that of everyone around you. Most “normal people” are looking forward to relaxing and doing normal fascinating stuff like going to the garden centre etc (!). We bettors are different and after a week of international football that the perceived wisdom is to stay away from then it represents a welcome return to normality and a busy card (football wise). If your a horses man (not in that sense of the word clearly) then its the start of the flat season and all the excitement that brings. So a really hectic day and one that […]

Glad Vic was there….

Cheltenham. So how was it for you? Not a big horses fan personally but found it all quite exciting which I didn’t really expect. From a personal  financial view point it was a cracker- My best one since records began (that will be since last year then). The number of offers from the bookmakers (especailly on the first couple of days) was excellent and Mrs blogger and I got seriously stuck in. The highlight of the week was undoubtedly  the Cheltenham Gold cup and Victor Chandler offering full refunds if the horse you backed came 2nd or 3rd. With the top four horses all fancied it was a great race […]

Betfair Saturday….

Well what can I say ? I’ve resisted using puns such as “Betfair out(r)age”  or “bet(un)fair as my days of hoping to be a tabloid headline writer are long gone (On reflection I still have managed to get them into the first paragraph of this update so perhaps I still secretly yearn for another crack of the whip!). Anyway, I digress so what can we learn from Saturday’s fiasco? Firstly I’m surprised that there haven’t been more comments about it out here in the blogosphere although you could argue that its become such a regular occurrence that people can’t be arsed to type about it on the assumption that there […]

Too much to do!!

Wow! I’m not really sure where to start. What I do know is that the bookies seem to have gone completely mental handing out all sorts of offers for Cheltenham and like a teenager with premature ejaculation they couldn’t wait  and have  done it rather early (details here). Coral giving free £50 bets to people betting on horses, Victor Chandler giving away money for betting on the Man United cup game  as well as some nice offers on tomorrows Imperial cup racing means its going to be a long long day in the Blogger household and I will need all the charm at my disposal to keep Mrs Blogger happy. […]