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Bad dream for Fisher

It was very nearly back to back winners for the Racing posts Steve Palmer at the weekend as Ross Fisher was always there or thereabouts in the Portugal Masters before eventually  being chased down  by the athletic Irishman Shane Lowry. Fisher had a five foot put to take it into a play off but managed to lip the putt out and in doing so blow up my 1.5 point selection at 45/1. The each way return wasn’t too shabby but with none of the American selections getting anywhere near the pace it was a slight set back for the golf betting bank. One place I wont be placing my golf […]

“Flying under the radar”

Well it appears that my last post about the crazy workings of the geniuses who work at bookmakers was not just some bad luck on my part but pretty much par for the course with plenty of people contacting me to say similar things had happened to them. The question is what can you do about it? Well the first thing is don’t even bother to waste your time mailing bookmaker.com to ask why they have limited your account or removed certain privileges. It’s an utter waste of time as you will just receive some drivel about it’s a commercial decision and it’s nothing personal.  The important thing here is […]

Weather or not…

If someone had told me a year ago that I could be making a nice tidy sum at 7am on a Thursday morning by paying close attention to the weather forecast then I would have thought they were barking mad. However that’s what happened on  Thursday as the Betfair  price on the draw in the England India 4th test  fell dramatically . This seemed to be a massive overreaction to the forecast predicting  rain in the afternoon (spot on as it happens with 65 overs lost) but the forecast for the next three days was pretty good and the way that India have batted, I feel  the loss of hours […]

Betfair vs Betdaq

So the debate rumbles on about Betfair and the Premium charge that was introduced this week. I’m about £199k profit away from being effected but guy who thought up this genius idea to piss people off must have had a real “head in his hands” moment a couple of mornings in a row this week when the site crashed. When it did finally start to work after a few hours the horse racing markets were certainly very gappy and although i’m no where near an expert they just looked and felt wrong.   This morning I was in the process of placing my weekly golf bets (from the RP and […]