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Super Poults

A lack of updates to the blog in the last week as I was very fortunate to be able to get  away to Portugal for a few rounds of golf. The previous week had been really successful from a golf betting perspective as blog favourite Ian Poulter managed two great rounds on golf on the Saturday and Sunday to come from out of the pack to secure a nice 2.5 points success for the Racing Post  Steve Palmer at 18/1. This week was a mixed bag as I tried to keep my betting to an absolute minimum as Ive found that if you are away on holiday you really should […]

No mildly witty title…..

….For this post as its a bit of a “mash up” (as the yoof would say) of a few different things. First off an appeal- Does anyone know where Mark of horseracingtraders disappeared to? He packed up his main site as he moved back into the corporate world,  and was occasionally blogging whenever he dabbled in trading at the weekends. I was a member of his service (which looked superb) and this week thought I would reacquaint myself with  the videos on the site , only to find that unfortunately it  has been taken down. If anyone can let me know Marks new blog or twitter account  so I can […]