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Tradingfootball.eu Interview

As regular readers of the blog will know I have been a member of the Tradingfootball.eu service for a long time and this season have made a real concerted effort to learn more about this particular areas of trading which is of great interest to me. Ive also signed up and have the “Shirley PMT” tool although to be honest I’ve only really scratched the  surface with regards to the opportunities that this can offer. I’m delighted therefore to be able to offer an insight on the service from one of the co founders the one and only Mr “Bingo” Little.  Bingo Take the hot seat! For those who aren’t […]

Football trading

Struggled to find any relevant witty (or at least I think they are!) picture to go with the above  title as don’t want this post to seem like one long advert (edit- after re reading this  post it does look like an advert!!). After sorting out my various different spreadsheets and elements of record keeping that I mentioned in my last post I settled in yesterday for some football trading with low stakes to get my head around some ideas and test some strategies out. International fixtures sometimes have a reputation for being a bit tricky but the good thing about yesterdays games were that there was lots of liquidity […]


Not sure why I settled on a strange fish related theme but its certainly one of the corniest headlines/pictures  in a while. However yet again there was certainly nothing fishy about the golf picks from the racing post and RFO  as they both had  players in the places at the weekend. At one point on Saturday afternoon it looked very very promising as I had 4 players in the top 5 in Czechoslovakia but they slowly fell by the wayside.  Over in America it was even more frustrating as two of the picks Kim and Peterson both  bogeyed the last hole and ended up in a tie for the 5th […]


Nothing spectacular this weekend although it was nice to see that my comment about the golf picks was proved unfounded as Jeremy Chapman (standing in for Steve Palmer in the Racing Post) found another winner in the golf in Scott Piercy at 50/1 . The only downside was that this was a half point selection and all the other picks bombed out and were never really in contention so therefore there was very little opportunity to trade. However a profit is a profit and £43 was added to the bank. USPGA  this week and although its a huge betting event my record this year in the majors has been poor […]


A terrible terrible pun and I really should apologise . It narrowly beat (Rushden and) Diamonds are forever. So what the hell am I going on about? Well the pre match trading tool from the guys at trading football was finally launched and as is their way they like to give strategies and products names and this one is called “Shirley”- no idea why perhaps the guys will explain. Having only signed up for it it yesterday its obviously far too early to do any sort of review but its fair to say that at £42 a month I’m confident that she will get used and abused or taken back! […]

Chap (the)man.

A great weekend on the golf with the picks from Jeremy Chapman (staring at you through the letter box) doing really well both sides of the Atlantic. Simon Dyson came up trumps in the Irish Open at 25/1 and over the other side of the pond it was a case of “close but no cigar” as going into the last day three of the selections had forced their way into contention (including Kim with a great 62) only to fall by the wayside when it got right down to the business end- luckily I had laid all of these guys in both of the win and place markets and while […]

Messi for Scholes

Gutted for Paul Scholes yesterday . He has recently gone on record as saying that he wasn’t sure if he would be playing next year as he couldn’t get his head around not playing in every game. Yesterday unfortunately proved that, against the very best teams in a straight midfield match up he is now always going to get overpowered and as he walked off after getting a straight red for that terrible tackle you can’t help feeling that he would have been thinking that it was time to call it a day. Thought Andy Townsend called it right in his summary when he said “don’t say he isn’t that […]


Another great night in the trading football trading room last night. I made a late start due to attending a yoga class with the Mrs so missed a profitable TOTD and also a couple of  recommended LTD opportunities. My next mistake was to tell the guys on there as I got quite a  bit of good natured banter. About an hour later and I had made myself a nice green of £75.32 and did say that I would thank the man responsible so here you are- thanks for sharing your ideas with us all.   Members of trading football will know what I’m talking about !  😉

Better than expected!

I put on my last post that I had been “dabbling” in some trades over the weekend,however when I checked my account it appeared that all those little wins had added up to a nice healthy green £196.45. I have to say that there was a little bit of luck involved with goals coming at exactly the right time in the Malaga game  (and others) to give a perfect “SHS” result . I pay £25 for my monthly subscription to the trading football service so this has paid for more than a few months subscriptions. So below we have a my results for a couple of hours “dabbling” .  It’s  […]