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Betfair Guru

As regular readers of the blog will be aware I’m a a paid member of  a couple of monthly  services having investigated and dabbled in a fair few over the last 18 months. Its always a difficult call when your looking at services as finding the right one that fits into your trading style and also, very importantly, the times you are available to actually trade/get your bets on will make a huge difference.  A couple that spring to mind are Matt Finnagans pro x trading club  club that I felt that I couldn’t justify what I deemed to be large one off joining fee (£247) and then a four […]

Cash machine

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not really that into horses (Mrs Blogger will be pleased!) but again couldn’t help but be impressed by Frankels run on Saturday which even made me turn over briefly from the various football games i was watching. Certainly a great performance and one that will have cost Ladbrokes an awful lot of money as they were a standout price of 1.5 for the majority of the morning (Bet365 were for a while but would probably only left you have 36.5 p on ). While Laddies were letting you put bets on at 1.5 there were huge sums availible to lay at 1.42/43 on betfair which […]

Do your homework!!

  A phrase that  used to fill my heart with dread as a kid when I asked my mum if I could “play out” with my mates. The same applies  with all the various systems that always seem to be  pushed at us by various sources. Its not uncommon for various systems/tipping services etc to be advertised by people promoting the service and getting a cut so this therefore makes it difficult to get an unbiased view  . Of course no one makes you buy any of this stuff so the key here is do your research and homework. More often than not though that’s where the fun and games […]