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A lot sappened

That’s (and another!) one straight away for the spelling police to get stuck into. Realised this morning that it was weeks since I had been able to motivate myself to get something onto the blog. I mean its not like there has been a lot going on in the world of sport and betting is it? First off there was Cheltenham and the furore caused by TGP offering silly deals to entice people and then completely shitting themselves when they realised that all the favourites had won and they owed a lot of money. Luckily common sense prevailed and they did a huge u turn and paid out but, you have […]


res·ur·rec·tion  1. The act of rising from the dead or returning to life. 2. The state of one who has returned to life. 3. The act of bringing back to practice, notice, or use; revival. Well I dont think anyone really saw that one coming did they? Regular readers of the blog will have noticed that Im always fond of posting up videos of my favourite ever band The Stone Roses and they are reforming for a series of concerts. Here are just a few of the previous comments by band members: “No chance… not in the next three lifetimes” – Brown, August 2008 “I have no desire whatsoever to […]