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Lucky (Chap)Man

An absolute belter of a tune that still sounds as good today as it did on release in 1998 (a good year for discovering new stuff I seem to recall). Nothing to do with betting apart from the fact its a reverential nod towards a certain Mr Jeremy Chapman who rather inexplicably didn’t manage to get a mention in my last post . 118 points profit in a month is some going and that’s exactly what he has managed to do in a spectacular month.That’s not luck its skill. 38 picks giving 4 winners ( two at 33/1) and 7 places is top top work coming from a service that is […]

Reed All About It! Palmer lands a 714/1 golf double

I wonder…. I wonder if that will possibly be somewhere on the front of the Racing Post Ipad edition when I download it tonight. I also wonder if should also carry on being critical of his tipping ability as it certainly didn’t do me any harm this week! I didn’t watch any of the golf this weekend as I’ve still not moved back home but it would have been fascinating to see some of the in running prices from Betfair on the final day. Andrew Sullivan started the last day 7 shots behind Charl Schwartzel going into the final day  and made up that difference to force a play off which he […]

Dont let it slip…

When I wrote this on 22nd April I didn’t realise that I was perhaps being slightly premature: As a United fan its made ten times worse by the fact that a rampant and impressive Liverpool look like they will win the title after years of  waiting . So for the last time I bring you my favourite stat – “Liverpool have not won the league  since the backpass law was introduced”.  Wont be able to use that come the middle  of May. and far be it from me to laugh at United greatest rivals just as they looked like they may getting back on their famous perch but this piece […]


No posts for a while but no lack of activity. I attended the ICE exhibition in London last week where the great and the good (and the not so good) of the gaming world were gathered to put the world to rights and “press the flesh”. In between doing this in a professional capacity I wandered around the stands and chanced upon the Gambling Commission stand. It was no surprise really to hear that the guy on the stand had never heard of Canbet and no surprise either that he just struck me as a career civil servant who I would never, in a million years  , back to  make […]

Racing Post golf selections. Results 2013

One of my new year’s resolutions 12 months ago was to keep better records of my activity so that I could work out what better what was going well/not so well. Its slightly annoying to see that for some strange reason I only decided to implement this in sufficient detail from the 1st Feb 2013 so while this isn’t “complete” as such it will I think give a fair representation of the performance of the Racing Post golf team (which consists of Steve Palmer with Jeremy Chapman standing in from time to time and adding his own selections for big events). If you are a regular reader of the blog […]

Jon Brookes RIP

This post was meant to be a really upbeat one after the weekend with the  Racing Posts Steve Palmer coming up trumps with “the Duffmeister” who put in a flawless last round display to land a big 2.5pt each way bet in the USPGA on Sunday. However the good news completly pales into  insignifiance with the news today that Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes died this morning aged 44. He leaves behind a wife and three daughters . When people who you have admired start to die and they are your age it makes you start to look at a few things differently. I must have seen the Charlatans about 25 […]

Smelling of Roses

Congratulations to Justin Rose on winning the US open although ever so slightly annoying as  having checked the records he seems to have been picked by either of the two golf tipsters I follow in all of the recent decent sized tournaments and failed to convert after being in a decent position. Mind you with the sheer volume of selections (an average of 5 a week for each tournament per tipster) I suppose pretty much everyone will have been picked at some points! A very rare dud week for the golf picks from both Steve Palmer and Nics Picks (not even a hint of a place) but not often that […]


What a terrible title and one that smacks of smugness. I do believe its what people post on certain forums when they have had a winner and is sometimes favoured by “aftertimers”  who are quite happy to post up winners but go conspicuously quite when they encounter a tough run. Well its was certainly a tough month for Bryan Nicholson over at Nic’s Picks with a deficit of 63 units before the weekends tournaments. This was corrected in spectacular fashion with two winners of the tournaments found and another couple of bets landed to harvest in 60 points and correct the months poor run. Well done to Bryan and as […]

Palmers back (and for once the Racing post are sensible!)

A superb result at the weekend with Matteo Manassero landing a 66/1 bet for the racing posts Steve Palmer at the BMW Wentworth. I had genuinely thought that it was going to be a blank weekend for the RP man as a few of his picks flattered to deceive. Francesco Molinari was going really well and was leading until a  blow up around the turn on the third round (dropping 5 shots in five holes) saw him always  struggling to get back into contention. Paul Casey was another who was going really well (was seventh) until he completely ran out of steam on the back nine of round two and […]

Wiesberger the king for Steve Palmer

Wow. How about that for a contrived and corny headline? Perhaps my late bid to be the oldest ever sports editor of a tabloid is not yet over! To be honest though I don’t really care as the weekend delivered a very nice return to form for the Racing Posts resident golf expert Steve Palmer as he tipped Austrian Bernd Wiesberger for success in the Indonesian masters golf. In a tournament largely ignored by the big names Palmer’s write up in the Post was almost an afterthought at the bottom of the page which I almost missed, but  was glad I didn’t as the berger king just squeezed home by […]