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While its always nice to receive comments on the blog some are stranger than others.  After my post a few days ago detailing my Ryder cup trades I received the following: pinocchio says: October 1, 2012 at 8:59 pm  (Edit) Lol, “and in the end ended up with green of around £600 on all outcomes” managed to take a screenshot of all the earlier reds but missed the £600 green Hmmmmm, wasn’t really sure what to make of that but if I read it right it was inferring that I was making up parts of the trade to make it look like I had had a better Ryder cup than I […]

Let off death row…

That’s how I suppose you could say I feel today after the dramatic end to the Ryder cup which saw a great American comeback to set up one of the most exciting finishes in the Ryder Cups history. The day did not start at all well (from a betting perspective at least) with Europe coming out of the traps quickly and pushing the price down to 1.18. However I’m quite pleased to say that I kept my nerve and when the American comeback happened with the result that there price came crashing down from 100 to 5 in about 20 minutes I was well placed to take advantage of it. […]


Well the rain came out again today for the Ryder Cup with the result that I feel like someone on death row. Going against the herd may be a great strategy but I’m not too sure that I have the balls to do it too often. Europe completely dominated the day and rather stupidly I backed myself into a little bit of a corner rather than trading sensibly. I was pretty sure that the prices of the American team were still too big. The comeback just didn’t happen and the markets reflected this by ending the day with Europeans very short at 1.5 and  with me in similar trouble to the yanks. […]

Trading or betting?

A mixed day in the bunker today as I decided I would have a break from the norm and indulge in some trading on both golf and football. The football trading started well with a tidy little £24 profit after laying the draw in the Siena Modena game. I took out some insurance by laying Siena to score first and although they left it a little late it came good. I’m regularly mailed the selections from Ian Erskine (FTS) after buying his ebook a couple of years ago but only got involved a couple of times before losing and giving up. Typically the times I lost heavily were when I did not […]

Rain rain go away

I had planned for Friday to be a  big day of Ryder Cup betting but the awful welsh weather (Predicted by Nick Faldo in his closing speech two years ago) saw play postponed for a long time and meant any opportunites were few and fair between. The plan had been to get involved in both the main Irish bookies offers and  see if the matches would throw up the situations that they were going against. Of the two it seemed more likley to me that a player/pairing could be behing at nine but come back to win it. For the Paddys refund to come in it would mean that a game […]