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Chap Still the Man

Long time between posts again and most blogs normally wither and die as they start off in blaze of positivity and then the postings dry up when the profits stop coming in. I’m glad to say that this isn’t the case here (Honest!) but its just that being a (pretty much) full time stay at home Dad whilst juggling part time work, and making money from Betfair etc means that something has to give and unfortunately for my tens of avid readers its normally this blog. Its actually been a cracking few months for the different services I get involved in and a strong 2015 generally. Racing wise Hugh Taylor […]

Golf – (and another free book giveaway!)

I’ve not  written about golf a for a bit and with the end of the season approaching (does it really end though?) I thought I would try and work out which tipster has worked out better for me. Regular readers will know that over the year I have followed the selections in both the Racing and Football outlook (RFO) and the Racing Post (RP) but my record keeping has let me down and,although I’ve been very thorough in collating the numbers  in so far as overall results are concerned- when it has come down to the actual detail of which service has done what I’ve not got it.  I’ve tried […]

Ladbrokes Serging ahead

Well what a weekend that was ! Fair-play to Sergio Garcia with an absolutely emphatic win at the weekend and one that was confidently predicted by the guys at the RFO (or was it the Racing Post?). Sergio has had a tough couple of years and plummeted down the rankings but the signs have been there for a while and when his putter is as hot as it was at the weekend he really is a force to be reckoned with. He was quite short odds for the tournament considering he had learnt to play golf there and had apparently won the club championship at the age of 12!! So […]

Cash machine

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not really that into horses (Mrs Blogger will be pleased!) but again couldn’t help but be impressed by Frankels run on Saturday which even made me turn over briefly from the various football games i was watching. Certainly a great performance and one that will have cost Ladbrokes an awful lot of money as they were a standout price of 1.5 for the majority of the morning (Bet365 were for a while but would probably only left you have 36.5 p on ). While Laddies were letting you put bets on at 1.5 there were huge sums availible to lay at 1.42/43 on betfair which […]


I’ve just realised that this is the first blog pot that I’ve done in October which is slightly concerning. I’ve always said that i didn’t want it to turn into yet another of those “made £1.27 from laying the draw today, slow but steady progress and my bank is now at £6.76″ type blogs . They don’t last very long because as boring as they are to read they must be even more boring to write.  So  what has been my reason for lack of posts? Well from a content perspective there hasn’t really been a lot to comment on. I mean its not like betfair have been upto anything […]

Getting organised

Its strange really that one of the key elements in making constant profits from sports betting is probably one of the most overlooked. Plenty of people are willing to invest all sorts of money on the latest get rich system yet without the right set up and structure you just aren’t giving yourself the best chance. A good example of this (and bear with me as its a bit of strange analogy) is the England cricket team. Not a stone has been left unturned in terms of their preparation and and attention to detail whether it be the oppositions strengths and weaknesses or just  the training routines and warm up […]


Not sure why I settled on a strange fish related theme but its certainly one of the corniest headlines/pictures  in a while. However yet again there was certainly nothing fishy about the golf picks from the racing post and RFO  as they both had  players in the places at the weekend. At one point on Saturday afternoon it looked very very promising as I had 4 players in the top 5 in Czechoslovakia but they slowly fell by the wayside.  Over in America it was even more frustrating as two of the picks Kim and Peterson both  bogeyed the last hole and ended up in a tie for the 5th […]

Chap (the)man.

A great weekend on the golf with the picks from Jeremy Chapman (staring at you through the letter box) doing really well both sides of the Atlantic. Simon Dyson came up trumps in the Irish Open at 25/1 and over the other side of the pond it was a case of “close but no cigar” as going into the last day three of the selections had forced their way into contention (including Kim with a great 62) only to fall by the wayside when it got right down to the business end- luckily I had laid all of these guys in both of the win and place markets and while […]