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New years golf

Another lengthy interval between blog posts and much to write about and bore people with. However before I do that and update the  handful of people remotely interested in my life  I thought I’d share some stats on the previous years golf. I did the same thing last year and the results can be found here. So, as avid listeners will no doubt be aware I follow 2 golf betting tipsters Steve Palmer from the Racing Post  and Bryan Nicholson from the Nicspicks website . To all intents and purposes they are both free, the Racing Post costs me £1.99 when I download it on my ipad on a Wednesday night (Note to […]

When its rains …… it pours!…..

I need an umbrella! Hot on the heels of my last amazingly negative post it’s not really got any better.  It was the first big weekend of action from the Football Analyst service and it’s not understatement to say it’s been a bit of a sticky start. The current run is probably nicely summed up by the fortunes of Middlesboro who last week let a two goal lead slip in the last 15 minutes when winning away at Forest to draw 2-2. This week they managed to concede a penalty in the first 4 minutes, another one soon after, fight their way back to 2-2, have a man sent off, […]

all quiet on the western front

A relatively quiet week betting wise as I rather unwisely volunteered to take my two teenage nephews paintballing at the weekend with rather predictable consequences – namely my entire body covered in bruises and me looking like i had had a major industrial accident at B&Q! This meant that opportunities to “get involved” were quite limited  although I did manage to get on AP Mccoy and he went on a nice little losing streak (he had a winner at Nass but I avoid Irish races) which means that I’m nicely ahead for the month on that project. Nics Picks fabulous run of  form came to an end as he could […]

Holidays are tough

Its been a while since the last post as I was lucky enough to have a two week holiday in the Maldives with Mrs Blogger and then had a three day Gaming industry conference in London so opportunities to “play” have been very limited. Its always a tough call when abroad and you follow various services to decide what to do.  By this I mean do you give yourself a complete break , not look at the ipad/laptop , not place any trades bets or do you still attempt to “get on”?. Sods law comes into effect here in so much that you can guarantee that if you aren’t going […]

The losing run continues….

At just before 7.45 on Sunday evening I  sat down with my 11 year old football mad nephew and broke him the bad news. “What happens next is that England will hang on bravely before crashing out on penalties. This will happen  every two or four years for the rest of your life”. He asked me  why I thought that . A terribly disappointing night and not helped by the fact I picked up a nice sum  from Boylesports as a result of the penalty cash back offer. Talking of losing runs , Hugh taylors sticky patch continues ( its probably not unkind to say its a bit more than […]

Feel a bit dirty…….

Well that’s a headline that should get my SEO stats racing. But alas for Mrs Blogger I don’t mean in that way. I’m referring to the (as usual) ever so slightly controversial advert from Patrick Power when someone bets against their own team. In my last post I showed the full extent of my  football knowledge and expertise that Cassini from green all over so admires by predicting Not that important anyway City will thrash a poor QPR team and United will struggle against Sunderland. I hope I’m proved horribly wrong. I didn’t watch the first half of the game as I couldn’t really be arsed to listen to Niial […]

F(r)ed Up

So the Manchester derby has been played out with City deservedly winning on the night and as hard as it is for me to say they have been the better team over the year and deserve the title. If I’m talking like its all over then I apologise I’ve obviously been listening to Sky too much who billed Mondays nights game the title decider  (or some sort of bullshit until the next big game comes along) despite the fact that City have to go to Newcastle who have been formidable at home. Mind you United’s recent run of  form (one point from a possible nine) will not have a decent […]

We have a winner!

Firstly lets put the whole book saga to bed! Apologies if my last post sounded like I was throwing my toys out of the pram- “the blog will go on”. We have a winner!- Sean from the excellent Birdie Club betting blog left this post: Ahhhh…..does someone want a hug?;) Seriously though I know what you mean…”its like talking to yourself.” You have a great blog, its one of the first I read each evening. Golf betting has its ups & downs, its fantastic when you have a winner, especially at 50/1 or better but as with all betting, it often has it’s lean periods as is such the case […]