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Being more transparent….

AP’er commented on my last post that “It would be more interesting if you updated your blog at regular intervals rather than simply when you have a good week. Shame could be decent if you were more transparent”..The definition of which is “open,frank,candid”. Im not entirely sure what constitutes “regular intervals’ and having just become a father to not one but two, time consuming, puking, crying and  crapping little beauties its a little difficult to get the time to post on here whether the news is good or bad. However the comment did make me realise that some of my record keeping was a bit flaky (of the home made […]

Slightly Hoff target

A close run run thing in the warm up to the masters in Texas with one point pick for both Jeremy Chapman of the Racing  Post and Bryan Nicholson of “nicks picks ” going close with Charley Hoffman. “The Hoff” was well placed going into the final round and at odds of 45/1 an exciting evening was on the cards. Perhaps as he stepped on the first tee he was thinking of Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra as he double bogeyed the first and was then always playing catch up. In fairness he managed to birdie 6 out of the last 8 holes which in any other event probably would […]

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Some goal eh? (graphic is from Daily Mail). I wasn’t watching as investing time in England friendlies is a bit pointless and I’d rather save my England related woes for the crushing bi -annual disappointment of international tournaments but caught some clips on the Internet.  What I  couldn’t work out was whether Andy Townsend was commentating and managed to say “for me he just doesnt do enough” .  The “do” here is referring to work rate and is something that is aimed at Ibra quite a bit along with the line about “not producing in the big games”. Its the same criticism that was (still is) aimed at Berbatov and […]

Moore Amazing Grace.

Sun Pun writers beware I’m back! Couldn’t help that one as a sensational weekend for the Racing Post tipster Steve Palmer. Here’s the list: Alfred Dunhill Links Branden Grace – 1pt e/w 50/1 –Winner Thorbjorn Olsen 1pt e/w 45/1 -2nd place Danny Willett 1pt e/w 50/1- 6th place (Stan James paid out on this so glad I took a bit of time to hunt this down) Two other picks total loss on those 3.5 pts e/w. Justin Timberlake Shriners Open Ryan Moore  3pts e/w 14/1 Winner Jason Day 1.5 pts e/w 25/1 – 4th place Scott Piercy was selected and finished 6th but I didn’t  spot any bookies offering this […]

Oh well…..

……Sometimes you just know its just not your weekend. The hotly anticipated golf double of Lee Westwood and  Tiger Woods didn’t so much crash and burn, it failed to get off the runway! Woods missed the cut and Westwood recovered from a shocking start to put himself right back in contention only to somehow slip and hurt his knee and groin at the start of the third round which meant he started that round 6 over after 6 holes. It wasn’t only the double that wasn’t landed but 4 and 5 point bets were recommend so not  the best ever performance from the normally very reliable Steve Palmer from the […]

£28,000 winner

A relatively quiet few days of the trading front as operation ” paint the house” neared completion at the weekend and was followed up by a pleasant evening at my local racetrack where I somehow managed to pick the first three winners and still  ended down on the evening while Mrs Blogger  happily picked 10/1 winners all night. Unfortunately for us she didn’t combine them all in a mega selection and win the aforementioned £28K. No this monster was landed by the Racing Post tipster Steve Palmer   who apparently backed up his selection of Nicholas Colsaerts to win the Volvo World matchplay at 15/1 with a tip of Jason Duffner […]

Amazing Grace (again)

The racing post golf picks have been going through a pretty poor run recently so it was great to see Steve Palmer return to form in the Chinese Open when he tippd up Branden Grace at 60/1 and also managed to find the runner up Nicolas Colsaerts (18/1) and the 4th placed George Coetzee at 40/1. Superb stuff although it will be interesting to see what the headlines are in the racing post on Wednesday morning. I wouldn’t put it past them to have a big splash saying something along the lines of “Inform tipster Steve palmer does it again with 60/1″ winner” As with all things this only tells […]


“In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey“. Beck. Loser.  Great song and just about sums up the last couple of weeks where it has felt that everything that I’ve touched has turned to whatever the polar opposite of gold is. Its easy to post up when your winning all the time and it might look like I’ve been sulking at home afraid to share my pain  with the world (ok perhaps a little bit)  but the reality is that I haven’t really had anything that interesting to say, I was away working last week  and the Hugh Taylor interview seemed to be quite popular judging by the number […]

Amazing grace

A terrible headline and pun but cant be helped and at least I can safely say Im not alone after looking at the weekends golf news where it appears that every lazy golf writer in the known universe used it! I’m of course talking about Branden Grace winning the Joburg Open as tipped by the Racing posts very own Steve Palmer at a nice 35/1. A cracking start to the year for Steve after he picked the winner last week as well. It was nearly a nice double as one of the American picks Charles Howell 111 came tied 2nd only two shots back although whether it would have been […]

Getting organised

Its strange really that one of the key elements in making constant profits from sports betting is probably one of the most overlooked. Plenty of people are willing to invest all sorts of money on the latest get rich system yet without the right set up and structure you just aren’t giving yourself the best chance. A good example of this (and bear with me as its a bit of strange analogy) is the England cricket team. Not a stone has been left unturned in terms of their preparation and and attention to detail whether it be the oppositions strengths and weaknesses or just  the training routines and warm up […]