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Gene Simmons of eighties “hair rock” band KISS claims to have slept with 4897 women. This has no relevance to betting at all. In other news KISS is an often used acronym meaning Keep It Simple Stupid. I’m guilty sometimes of over complicating matters  (last year I was taking Pete Nordsteds drawmaster selections and backing them in ever increasingly complicated doubles and trebles and trying to lay them as well!!) and its something we probably all do from time to time  in that quest to find an edge.  Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious.  The following may be an urban myth but my ex boss told me it: […]

Writers Block

Well its been over two weeks since I’ve posted anything up and firstly may I thank my legions of readers for their emails and comments worrying whether I had blown my Betfair bank on a 1.01 shot and I was subsequently hiding from the world. Let me assure you that neither of the events mentioned in the above sentence have happened so Mrs Blogger can rest easy. I’m sure she is the only person that ever reads this blog anyway……… So what’s  been happening? I’ve been busy working on “other projects” (ones that I can tell people what I do for a living without people looking at me like I’m […]

T20 Success

Well done to England for closing out a great game of T20 on Wednesday morning. A great advert for the shorter form of the game and with societies craving for “instant gratification” you can see why more and more people (players and fans alike) are  making  it their priority.  For all the grumblings from the traditionalists (don’t get me wrong I’m one!) about test match cricket being “the true test of a player” ask yourself this question – if you could earn just as much money in 20 overs as you could in 5 days what would you do? It also marked my first foray into cricket trading and rather […]

Tough times!

An interesting weekend from a betting perspective but first off I must flag up an excellent article and exchange of views on the  Green All Over website.  It talks about “perceived value and is a really good read as always. Ok onto my own tales of doom and it was  testing weekend . Laying the draw was a negative on Saturday as Stokes inability to score in the second half meant that I stayed in the trade and went onto take a decent sized loss. Not too worried as its part of the game that some trades will go against you but I’m racking my brains to come up with […]

Snow joke

Pathetic headline but I’m looking for a job as the chief headline writer at the Daily Sport so thought I would give it a go……  Anyway back to the betting and despite the poor weather I’ve been able to keep myself busy with some nice trades on the cricket (I laid the draw as per previous post) and I also laid England to host the World cup as once the rumour mill had gone into overdrive and driven our price down to 2.34 it was to good to miss . If you look at in the cold light of day our bid had been a disaster from start to (almost […]