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Lucky (Chap)Man

An absolute belter of a tune that still sounds as good today as it did on release in 1998 (a good year for discovering new stuff I seem to recall). Nothing to do with betting apart from the fact its a reverential nod towards a certain Mr Jeremy Chapman who rather inexplicably didn’t manage to get a mention in my last post . 118 points profit in a month is some going and that’s exactly what he has managed to do in a spectacular month.That’s not luck its skill. 38 picks giving 4 winners ( two at 33/1) and 7 places is top top work coming from a service that is […]


So Cheltmas is over for another year and personally I  did as well as could be expected given the time constraints imposed on me by work.  It was slightly frustrating in terms of offers as I could quite easily have doubled the amount of money I  made with a bit of luck with second place refunds just missing out but no harm done. For me the highlights were  definitely William Hills 5 places offer on the Supreme Novices hurdle (in what was effectively a ten runner field) and BetFred taking on Bobs Worth at 4/1 for about twenty minutes early on on Friday morning. If you had a few Freds […]


It certainly was for the Alvaro Arbeloa’s ribs. And it was painful to watch United go out in Europe yet again. The fuss around the Nani sending off  overshadowed the fact that you cannot possibly hope to win matches and progress at the highest level with a 39 year ex winger playing in centre midfield. For me Roy Keane was spot on (Again) in his post match assessment:  “I think the referee has actually made the right call. Everyone’s upset about it and it’s slightly unlucky, but it’s dangerous play. Whether he meant it or not is irrelevant. It’s dangerous play – it’s a red card. You have to be […]

Poor losers?

Well it certainly was an action packed afternoon of football on Sunday and as a United fan I was pleasantly surprised to see Fergie go for it against Chelski and play two wingers rather than this newfangleddiamondformationbollox * (that’s the technical phrase). For me the game was overshadowed by the amount of fuss made about refereeing decisions and its one of the reasons why I feel many people are falling out of love with the game.  Players dive and cheat constantly and the second someone takes action he (Clattenburg) gets absolutely hammered for it. If more players were sent off for CHEATING (not simulation or “going down a bit easily”) […]

1.03. What the els were they thinking?

A very exciting end to the British Open  golf championship on Sunday with Adam Scott managing to bogey the last 4 holes and throw away a 4 shot lead to hand the claret jug to popular South African  Ernie Els. Scott was backed for £400k at 1.03 on Betfair and probably  considerably more all the way upto 1.1. For the life of me I cant really see why anyone would back at those sorts of prices and if you had watched any of the golf you would have seen that one errant tee shot could have landed you in deep deep trouble. Anyway as the old saying goes “one mans […]


With all the recent fuss about the Stone Roses reunion  shows (which have been superb by all accounts) its easy to forget that Ian Brown had (has?) a superb collection of solo albums and some absolutely belting songs  so it was great to see Paddy Power name checking one of the best- F.E.A.R in their blog this week as they thought people may be suffering from the F.E.A.R Football Emptiness Anxiety Reflux. The blog is always a great read and the latest article by “Not big Sam” is a belter!! Having checked the twitter feed it was good to see the Chief Golf  Trader from Hambet getting in on the […]

A Perfect Storm

per·fect storm noun perfect storm, plural A particularly violent storm arising from a rare combination of adverse meteorological factors A particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors Quite bizarre that I was  going to write about a “perfect storm”  before last nights events in the Ukraine- never ever seen a game of football stopped like that before and wittily commented on by England cricketer Graeme Swann who tweeted the below (if your not a follower of cricket then it wont be  in the slightest bIt amusing. Graeme Swann ‏@Swannyg66 Am I hearing things right? The football delayed for rain? Why kind […]

Feel a bit dirty…….

Well that’s a headline that should get my SEO stats racing. But alas for Mrs Blogger I don’t mean in that way. I’m referring to the (as usual) ever so slightly controversial advert from Patrick Power when someone bets against their own team. In my last post I showed the full extent of my  football knowledge and expertise that Cassini from green all over so admires by predicting Not that important anyway City will thrash a poor QPR team and United will struggle against Sunderland. I hope I’m proved horribly wrong. I didn’t watch the first half of the game as I couldn’t really be arsed to listen to Niial […]

Bit of let down……

Well the much hoped for “when Handy met Shirley” orgasmic  moment didn’t really get going at the weekend and turned into a bit of a damp squib to be honest.  Andy had selected the Sunderland vs Fulham game to be the main trade and I had managed to scalp the 0-0 successfully giving me a nice bit of cover there, unfortunately that was the only bit that went according to plan as Sunderland proceeded to hit the woodwork a couple of times and leave the game goalless at halftime which was even more frustrating as it was the only one in the premiership to be without goals. As I had […]

“News just in!”

Yes its transfer deadline day and that can only mean one thing – Jim White on Sky Sports News (SSN) getting ever closer to a heart attack as the clock gets closer to midnight. I’ve just seen Boylesports are offering odds on him saying the above at least seven times tonight. Nailed on! I remember watching SSN last year (god what was I thinking??) and laughing as the supposed transfers became ever more ridiculous and the roving reporters spouted more and more complete bollocks. I think it one point Eidur Gudjohsen was on his way to at least three different Premiership grounds (If only he had shown so much industry […]