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Ladbrokes Profits

I had to smile to myself when I opened the Ipad edition of the racing post tonight looking for the golf selections (not there – how difficult can it be?) Ladbrokes profits are down 33.7% on the figure for 2014 compared with the figure for 2013 which equates to something like £30 million, and this is despite them supposedly having a good World Cup. Compare this to Bet 365 who reported an increase by 81.5% . ok Bet 365 haven’t got  a retail arm but you can see they are worlds apart. Ladbrokes really are woeful in so many areas. My experience of betting over the counter with them at […]

Football trading

Struggled to find any relevant witty (or at least I think they are!) picture to go with the above  title as don’t want this post to seem like one long advert (edit- after re reading this  post it does look like an advert!!). After sorting out my various different spreadsheets and elements of record keeping that I mentioned in my last post I settled in yesterday for some football trading with low stakes to get my head around some ideas and test some strategies out. International fixtures sometimes have a reputation for being a bit tricky but the good thing about yesterdays games were that there was lots of liquidity […]

Getting organised

Its strange really that one of the key elements in making constant profits from sports betting is probably one of the most overlooked. Plenty of people are willing to invest all sorts of money on the latest get rich system yet without the right set up and structure you just aren’t giving yourself the best chance. A good example of this (and bear with me as its a bit of strange analogy) is the England cricket team. Not a stone has been left unturned in terms of their preparation and and attention to detail whether it be the oppositions strengths and weaknesses or just  the training routines and warm up […]

“News just in!”

Yes its transfer deadline day and that can only mean one thing – Jim White on Sky Sports News (SSN) getting ever closer to a heart attack as the clock gets closer to midnight. I’ve just seen Boylesports are offering odds on him saying the above at least seven times tonight. Nailed on! I remember watching SSN last year (god what was I thinking??) and laughing as the supposed transfers became ever more ridiculous and the roving reporters spouted more and more complete bollocks. I think it one point Eidur Gudjohsen was on his way to at least three different Premiership grounds (If only he had shown so much industry […]

Suicide watch.

Anyone who backed England at 1.01 in this afternoons World Cup cricket  against Ireland  will be on the above. £2.7 Million traded. Thats £2.7 Million!!! Amazing innings by O’Brien.Brilliant and new world record quickest ODI world Cup century. Oh and a nice game to trade if you happened to throw a bit of money in to the market when Ireland were miles behind :- )    

And then there were 12…..

…. Yep at about 11.30 last night there were 12 hardy souls still in the trading football chat room getting involved in the Arsenal game. No it wasn’t an extreme example of extra time but the Argentinian version. The game was unspectacular (think it finished 1-1) but the reason that I’m mentioning it on the blog is that it was a great atmosphere in the room as it was people passing on advice, swapping stories etc. One of the characters in the room went out for a cheeky cigarette  and low and behold the long awaited goals  came to predictable cries of “go outside and light yourself a cuban/start chain […]

T20 Success

Well done to England for closing out a great game of T20 on Wednesday morning. A great advert for the shorter form of the game and with societies craving for “instant gratification” you can see why more and more people (players and fans alike) are  making  it their priority.  For all the grumblings from the traditionalists (don’t get me wrong I’m one!) about test match cricket being “the true test of a player” ask yourself this question – if you could earn just as much money in 20 overs as you could in 5 days what would you do? It also marked my first foray into cricket trading and rather […]

Last man standing?

Seeing as the majority of readers of this blog will fancy themselves as football pundits here is a  little something for everyone to get involved in. Paddy Powers last man standing is a quite entertaining and requires you to pick a team that wins every week. Sounds quite easy until you realise that you can only pick the same team once. When you then throw in the unpredictability of this years premiership you have got quite an interesting little competition. I’ve set up a comp which is a £5 to enter with all of the prize money going to the winner (less the 5% that paddy takes for setting it […]

Ancelotti’s eyebrow….

was going into overdrive on Saturday after watching his faltering Chelsea team fail again. (If you don’t know what I mean then watch his left eyebrow when he is next on- its got a life of its own!). It was obvious that they were not going to win the moment I picked them in the Paddy Power last man standing comp. I’m glad that I chose to lay them as some form of “insurance” to make me feel better and also backed Arsenal and Sunderland as they were the most selected teams out of the remaining 13 people.Oh well…… A nice weekend for the Football Elite service which I currently […]


Had a day off from football trading on Thursday and Friday as there isn’t really a lot to get involved in so it was a small dabble on the horses as spotted a couple of nice opportunities of horse arbs resulting in a profit of £71.Some of the Australian companies are sometimes a bit slow to move their odds and as long as you don’t take the p**s and hit those lines too often you should be able to keep your account intact. I also managed to back a winner in the Bet365 feature race promotion so a further £45 into the coffers for about two minutes work with the […]