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Chap Still the Man

Long time between posts again and most blogs normally wither and die as they start off in blaze of positivity and then the postings dry up when the profits stop coming in. I’m glad to say that this isn’t the case here (Honest!) but its just that being a (pretty much) full time stay at home Dad whilst juggling part time work, and making money from Betfair etc means that something has to give and unfortunately for my tens of avid readers its normally this blog. Its actually been a cracking few months for the different services I get involved in and a strong 2015 generally. Racing wise Hugh Taylor […]

Dont let it slip…

When I wrote this on 22nd April I didn’t realise that I was perhaps being slightly premature: As a United fan its made ten times worse by the fact that a rampant and impressive Liverpool look like they will win the title after years of  waiting . So for the last time I bring you my favourite stat – “Liverpool have not won the league  since the backpass law was introduced”.  Wont be able to use that come the middle  of May. and far be it from me to laugh at United greatest rivals just as they looked like they may getting back on their famous perch but this piece […]

When its rains …… it pours!…..

I need an umbrella! Hot on the heels of my last amazingly negative post it’s not really got any better.  It was the first big weekend of action from the Football Analyst service and it’s not understatement to say it’s been a bit of a sticky start. The current run is probably nicely summed up by the fortunes of Middlesboro who last week let a two goal lead slip in the last 15 minutes when winning away at Forest to draw 2-2. This week they managed to concede a penalty in the first 4 minutes, another one soon after, fight their way back to 2-2, have a man sent off, […]

Wide Open

A fascinating start to the US Open with rain delays adding to the drama and it is quite literally wide open (see what I did there?) after the first round (well most of it- some players didn’t get to finish before it got dark). Not the best of starts for this weeks big picks from the Racing Post and Nics Picks ( Kooch and GMac) but someone quite rightly said once “that you dont win golf tournaments on the first day but you can certainly lose them” meaning that if you have a shocker on the first day you are constantly playing catch up. Two stand out points for me […]

Joost the job

Firstly can I just state that the picture here will be the last ever time that phrase is ever used on the blog.After being used here last week when I mentioned how it reeked of smugness I’ve gone and used it again. Why? Well, after last weeks great results from the (pretty much) free golf services that I follow they both followed it up with a pretty convincing winner in Austria. Joost Luiten always looked in control and as the only person who ever really got close was Roman Wattel (a 66/1  selection) it made for pleasant viewing. The American golf was a dud with none of the selections getting […]


What a terrible title and one that smacks of smugness. I do believe its what people post on certain forums when they have had a winner and is sometimes favoured by “aftertimers”  who are quite happy to post up winners but go conspicuously quite when they encounter a tough run. Well its was certainly a tough month for Bryan Nicholson over at Nic’s Picks with a deficit of 63 units before the weekends tournaments. This was corrected in spectacular fashion with two winners of the tournaments found and another couple of bets landed to harvest in 60 points and correct the months poor run. Well done to Bryan and as […]

Wiesberger the king for Steve Palmer

Wow. How about that for a contrived and corny headline? Perhaps my late bid to be the oldest ever sports editor of a tabloid is not yet over! To be honest though I don’t really care as the weekend delivered a very nice return to form for the Racing Posts resident golf expert Steve Palmer as he tipped Austrian Bernd Wiesberger for success in the Indonesian masters golf. In a tournament largely ignored by the big names Palmer’s write up in the Post was almost an afterthought at the bottom of the page which I almost missed, but  was glad I didn’t as the berger king just squeezed home by […]

Gmac to the rescue and will the Hurricane Fly again?

Graeme MacDowell  made it a great  end to the golf betting weekend as he landed a 40/1 winning golf selection from Nic’s Picks. Amazingly it only took one play off hole to win it as opposed the nine (!) that it took to settle things in Spain earlier in the day. Having watched it all afternoon getting increasing annoyed with the inability of David Horsey (a Racing post 2 point selection) to sink any putts I paused the coverage to do a few chores in blogger towers once it had been decided that there would be a playoff . To say I was annoyed with myself for missing out  as […]


It’s somewhat ironic that after last nights lame 1-1 draw which leaves  Englands participation very much in the balance, the 2014 World Cup finals  is being held in the city named after “Englands best centre half” .  I’m sure that in Ferdinands mind the city was named after him as its clear that he lives in his own little bubble where everything and everyone revolves around him. As regular readers of the blog will know I’m a United fan and have never liked him since he was caught chatting to Peter Kenyon (then the Chelsea chief exec)  and trying to instigate a move there. He of course denied it but […]

Nics Picking them!

Who is this young chap I hear you ask? Well its none other than Bryan Nicholson whose twitter profile states: Freelance football and golf writer; Sports bettor, trader and editor of Nicspicks betting blog. Columnist for Unibet and Matchbook Media. First off I don’t know why someone who is called Bryan would call themselves “Nic” but quite frankly I don’t really care. (Edit- Bryan contacted me and its embarrasingly obvious: Bryan Nicholson). What I do care about is golf profit and “Brynic”  is delivering wheelbarrowfulls (Hang on a minute have I just  invited a new word?-I think I may have!) of the stuff.  His record before this weekend was an […]