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Thats better…..

A cracking result from the Golf Guru service last weekend who broke a recent lean spell with a nice 35/1 winner in the shape of Sergio Garcia at last weekends wyndham championship. Disappointingly  the tournament spilled over onto the Monday morning and was rather surprised that Sky didn’t televise it. No wobbles from Sergio as 4 birdies from the off put paid to any thought of a betting mishap,  It was a nice situation to be in as the man chasing him down the home straight was Racing Post two point pick Tim Clark so a “win win”. The RP golf  (Steve Palmer and Jeremy Chapman combined) is now 60 […]

Oh well…..

……Sometimes you just know its just not your weekend. The hotly anticipated golf double of Lee Westwood and  Tiger Woods didn’t so much crash and burn, it failed to get off the runway! Woods missed the cut and Westwood recovered from a shocking start to put himself right back in contention only to somehow slip and hurt his knee and groin at the start of the third round which meant he started that round 6 over after 6 holes. It wasn’t only the double that wasn’t landed but 4 and 5 point bets were recommend so not  the best ever performance from the normally very reliable Steve Palmer from the […]

Keep the faith….

One man who had (has) plenty of faith in his life is eventual Masters winner Blubba Watson who pulled off  his own Easter miracle on Sunday when hitting out of the trees on the second play off hole to win the Masters. Fair-play to him as seems like a genuine guy and hope for hackers everywhere as apparently he has never had a golf lesson in his life (something I pointed out to my golf pro who came straight back at me with “imagine how good who could have been with lessons then?” ). From a betting/trading perspective it was a superb weekend as pretty much everything that our friends […]

More of the same……

A tough month for the Racing Post golf picks ended pretty much as it begun- namely without any success and I’m hoping that the luck will turn in time for this weeks Masters. Mrs Blogger is currently trying to get her head around the fact that I will be working all over Easter, the issue here being that her idea of working is not me  sat in front of the TV watching the golf!!! There are lots of offers on at the moment (The best of which are listed here) and I’m in the process of building a nice book on Betfair to take advantage of these and also to […]

75k worth of pants

Pants. The ones pictures aren’t mine as they are hanging on my office wall at home but perhaps I should  get them down and start wearing them more often as this week has certainly been one of those weeks. In fact its been, well, pants really. The market examiner is on a bit of a losing run at the moment (21) which has been peppered with near misses- their luck at the moment is best summed up by the selection yesterday (Drummers Drumming) going to 1.07 in running. I had laid it low to lock in some profit but when it goes off at 12/1 its hard to bear. Its […]

Market examined

So we are half way through Cheltenham and I hope its going well for you- More of that later however for  today’s post I’m delighted to have an interview with the excellent Market Examiner service. Their  record is right up there with the very best  with last year (2011) bringing a nice return of 161 points despite a tricky spell in August .. If anyone isn’t familiar with the service the selections are normally posted up quite close to 11am which is excellent as I’ve been a member of other services that keep you hanging on all morning before announcing that there is no selection. They have also recently added […]

Quite rosey

Back into the swing of things after returning from my holiday and the end of my first week back in weekend was somewhat spoilt by Justin Rose suffered a “valve problem”  in the Honda Classic on Sunday night as he  managed to put his ball in the water at the 15th (I think i heard the words” the bear trap” about a thousand time on Sky sports- its just three holes guys!!!) just as he got to withing two shots of Rory at the weekends Honda Golf Classic.  It was a shame as he looking good as one of Steve Palmers golf picks (40/1) but it just wasnt to be […]


“In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey“. Beck. Loser.  Great song and just about sums up the last couple of weeks where it has felt that everything that I’ve touched has turned to whatever the polar opposite of gold is. Its easy to post up when your winning all the time and it might look like I’ve been sulking at home afraid to share my pain  with the world (ok perhaps a little bit)  but the reality is that I haven’t really had anything that interesting to say, I was away working last week  and the Hugh Taylor interview seemed to be quite popular judging by the number […]

Golf – (and another free book giveaway!)

I’ve not  written about golf a for a bit and with the end of the season approaching (does it really end though?) I thought I would try and work out which tipster has worked out better for me. Regular readers will know that over the year I have followed the selections in both the Racing and Football outlook (RFO) and the Racing Post (RP) but my record keeping has let me down and,although I’ve been very thorough in collating the numbers  in so far as overall results are concerned- when it has come down to the actual detail of which service has done what I’ve not got it.  I’ve tried […]

Thoroughly Examined

I’m not a big one for talking about which tipster services I use for a couple of reasons. The first one is that if does look like you have a personal interest in the promotion of the service (more of that another time) and secondly the bookmakers are a bit sneaky sometimes and could limit your account if you talk openly about using services which are on their hit list for having the temerity to actually provide winners! I’m going to break cover on the Market Examiner as I’ve found the service to be excellent, not only in terms of a strike rate and return but more importantly because of […]