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Betfair Guru

As regular readers of the blog will be aware I’m a a paid member of  a couple of monthly  services having investigated and dabbled in a fair few over the last 18 months. Its always a difficult call when your looking at services as finding the right one that fits into your trading style and also, very importantly, the times you are available to actually trade/get your bets on will make a huge difference.  A couple that spring to mind are Matt Finnagans pro x trading club  club that I felt that I couldn’t justify what I deemed to be large one off joining fee (£247) and then a four […]


Regular readers of the blog will have noticed that I have eased off the golf betting at the weekend recently  and that’s  mainly as I’m not comfortable with the the progressive cut system that is the the Fedex cup along with the fact that I’ve been about on Sundays and don’t like to not be able to trade out of possible  winning/losing  positions (probably much to Steve Palmers disgust!). I did however manage to catch some of the Solheim cup on sky on Sunday and found myself strangely engrossed in what was a great battle that went right to the wire. Mrs Blogger is normally subjected to a barrage of […]

Football trading

Struggled to find any relevant witty (or at least I think they are!) picture to go with the above  title as don’t want this post to seem like one long advert (edit- after re reading this  post it does look like an advert!!). After sorting out my various different spreadsheets and elements of record keeping that I mentioned in my last post I settled in yesterday for some football trading with low stakes to get my head around some ideas and test some strategies out. International fixtures sometimes have a reputation for being a bit tricky but the good thing about yesterdays games were that there was lots of liquidity […]


A terrible terrible pun and I really should apologise . It narrowly beat (Rushden and) Diamonds are forever. So what the hell am I going on about? Well the pre match trading tool from the guys at trading football was finally launched and as is their way they like to give strategies and products names and this one is called “Shirley”- no idea why perhaps the guys will explain. Having only signed up for it it yesterday its obviously far too early to do any sort of review but its fair to say that at £42 a month I’m confident that she will get used and abused or taken back! […]

Hooray for the weekend!!

Its weird when you  look forward to the weekend but for completely different reasons to that of everyone around you. Most “normal people” are looking forward to relaxing and doing normal fascinating stuff like going to the garden centre etc (!). We bettors are different and after a week of international football that the perceived wisdom is to stay away from then it represents a welcome return to normality and a busy card (football wise). If your a horses man (not in that sense of the word clearly) then its the start of the flat season and all the excitement that brings. So a really hectic day and one that […]


Wasn’t referring to this weeks great 90”s video but the latest goings on in Italian football. I had great intentions of writing a weighty blog piece on this but as per usual have been beaten to it but the excellent Green all over blog who says everything I wanted to say but far more eloquently. Sports trading life has also covered it rather well and comes at the subject from a slightly different angle. My own view? Well, as you ask, I previously got involved in one of these games in December and documented it here . (The benefits of keeping a blog at last!!). Sports trading life suggests you […]

Back on board the trading bus……

I’ve not got involved in too much trading activity for a while (mainly due to social reasons more than anything else) as I have tried to protect my Betfair bank for Cheltenham, so  I decided to ease myself into it with a couple of  lay the draw trades last night on the Forest/Preston and Blackpool/Spurs games. Turned out to be an interesting night and one that demonstrated  the fine margins that we can encounter in our quest for profit. On the Forest game the market seemed to go into suspension for a long period of time almost immediately after kick off and my “gut feel” just told me to exit […]

Last minute losers

A shocking day on Saturday that saw last minute/very late goals in a number of  games wipe out any profit I had made and if it hadn’t had been for a better day on Sunday when I recovered I would have ended the weekend down.Not what I planned and when I have been in front of the pc for a fair chunk of time in my office for nil reward its pretty sickening.To make things even worse I decided not to trade any of the evening games but managed not to cancel one of them- when your lucks out it really is out and this was a 2 all draw […]

Hacked off on Sunday……

Thats what a lot of football traders will have been thinking on Sunday with the word out in the “blogsophere” all a bit gloomy after 0-0 draws a plenty and late goals in other games that will have forced early exits.  I had a day off trading on Sunday so wasn’t so hacked off but literally hacked into by some techy  from eastern Europe  who thinks its funny to fuck up peoples hard work. No real problems caused although it took time to reset various issues and that the reason why you will see the crappy google ad just above which the fuckers inserted and I haven’t got round to […]

Busy day ahead- and moses is back!

Well it looks like the football season is finally back in full swing and I’ve just received Matt Abrahams football picks- all 16 of them! Interestingly they differ quite a bit from my own that I fou with the help  of the BfFind tool, so will have to work through them as my bank isn’t quite big enough to trade them all and knowing my luck there will be a flurry of goals! Another successful T20 Trade yesterday morning on the England game and also two rather nice ones on the Caribbean version which I left to run overnight and took advantage of the volatility . Something that I will […]