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Ladbrokes Profits

I had to smile to myself when I opened the Ipad edition of the racing post tonight looking for the golf selections (not there – how difficult can it be?) Ladbrokes profits are down 33.7% on the figure for 2014 compared with the figure for 2013 which equates to something like £30 million, and this is despite them supposedly having a good World Cup. Compare this to Bet 365 who reported an increase by 81.5% . ok Bet 365 haven’t got  a retail arm but you can see they are worlds apart. Ladbrokes really are woeful in so many areas. My experience of betting over the counter with them at […]

17 Magic Darts and 50,000/1 bull

I like the darts. Mrs Blogger thinks its just an excuse for about 2500 (mostly) blokes to get absolutely hammered while dressed up in fancy dress which makes it a rowdier version of a Saturday of test match cricket. She is absolutely right of course and Sky have done a great job of making what is essentially a pub sport into sometimes compelling viewing. The late great Sid Wadell said this once “Darts is like a Christmas cracker. You need the wrapping more than the thing that bangs.”  Last night saw two great games in the semi finals with Michael Van Gerwen nearly hitting two nine darters in sucession which […]

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Some goal eh? (graphic is from Daily Mail). I wasn’t watching as investing time in England friendlies is a bit pointless and I’d rather save my England related woes for the crushing bi -annual disappointment of international tournaments but caught some clips on the Internet.  What I  couldn’t work out was whether Andy Townsend was commentating and managed to say “for me he just doesnt do enough” .  The “do” here is referring to work rate and is something that is aimed at Ibra quite a bit along with the line about “not producing in the big games”. Its the same criticism that was (still is) aimed at Berbatov and […]

Poor losers?

Well it certainly was an action packed afternoon of football on Sunday and as a United fan I was pleasantly surprised to see Fergie go for it against Chelski and play two wingers rather than this newfangleddiamondformationbollox * (that’s the technical phrase). For me the game was overshadowed by the amount of fuss made about refereeing decisions and its one of the reasons why I feel many people are falling out of love with the game.  Players dive and cheat constantly and the second someone takes action he (Clattenburg) gets absolutely hammered for it. If more players were sent off for CHEATING (not simulation or “going down a bit easily”) […]

When Handy met Shirley

Readers of a certain age will remember the above film and at the time the scene was felt to be close to the edge- shows you how times have changed! So whats this got to do with anything? Well this weekend will be my first weekend when I’m going to merge the homer  strategies of “Handy Andy”  with the PMT (Pre match trading) tool from the Tradingfootball team. My plan is to use the tool to identify prices that are out of line to give me some nice green on various correct scores and be able to work myself into a comfortable position following Andy’s advice and with any luck […]

Ladbrokes Serging ahead

Well what a weekend that was ! Fair-play to Sergio Garcia with an absolutely emphatic win at the weekend and one that was confidently predicted by the guys at the RFO (or was it the Racing Post?). Sergio has had a tough couple of years and plummeted down the rankings but the signs have been there for a while and when his putter is as hot as it was at the weekend he really is a force to be reckoned with. He was quite short odds for the tournament considering he had learnt to play golf there and had apparently won the club championship at the age of 12!! So […]

Cash machine

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not really that into horses (Mrs Blogger will be pleased!) but again couldn’t help but be impressed by Frankels run on Saturday which even made me turn over briefly from the various football games i was watching. Certainly a great performance and one that will have cost Ladbrokes an awful lot of money as they were a standout price of 1.5 for the majority of the morning (Bet365 were for a while but would probably only left you have 36.5 p on ). While Laddies were letting you put bets on at 1.5 there were huge sums availible to lay at 1.42/43 on betfair which […]

The Coral BOG

The Bog. You would have thought that its fairly straightforward to use.Most of use would seem to be quite comfortable with how it works. Not our friends at Coral who rather sneakily seemed to have changed the way things work. Have a read of this great piece of marketing bullshit: A headline of “win more every race every day” is just utter nonsense. Most bookies who offer best odds guaranteed (The BOG that I’m referring to) are quite happy to let you place a bet in the knowledge that if the price drifts you will get a better price. Not Coral. You have to uncover it on a tab called […]

“Win together….

…….lose on your own” I worked in the gaming industry for many years and it was a well known saying. Think about it : no one ever walked into your workplace on the Monday after the Grand National shouting “Look at me I put £50 on a 50/1 shot and it fell at the first”.  It always makes me  laugh when I hear about the bookies “being bashed” and a lot of it is just very lazy journalism as its very easy to pick up on stories like this weeks Totepool winner of £1.2 million for a £2 stake. Its fair to say a lot of people will have spent […]