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A Perfect Storm

per·fect storm noun perfect storm, plural A particularly violent storm arising from a rare combination of adverse meteorological factors A particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors Quite bizarre that I was  going to write about a “perfect storm”  before last nights events in the Ukraine- never ever seen a game of football stopped like that before and wittily commented on by England cricketer Graeme Swann who tweeted the below (if your not a follower of cricket then it wont be  in the slightest bIt amusing. Graeme Swann ‏@Swannyg66 Am I hearing things right? The football delayed for rain? Why kind […]


Firstly I suppose  I better wish all my readers a belated happy new year- yes that’s you Mum. Lots of bloggers seem to be using the new year to set some targets/objectives/resolutions for the new year so never having been one  for originality thought I would do the same. 1) Learn and understand tennis trading 2) Learn and understand cricket trading 3) Repeat the above time and time again. Write the same thing in 2013. Its also sometimes times good to use a naturally imposed break to review a few things and I’ve done just that with my “laying project”. I started this at the start of the season and […]