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True Odds pt 2

Always nice when someone takes the time to comment on a blog piece so thanks to “Billy Bunter” for the following: I have always wondered at the accuracy of the RFO True Odds. I do not trust the journalists to use the RFO True Odds prices to select the right bets so was never convinced by the column tips. I would be interested if anyone had used the listed True Prices to place their own bets based on certain criteria like a minimum difference of 3% or something similar. Maybe they have success using different minimum differences or only betting in certain leagues etc. Maybe they constantly over or underestimate […]

Time flies

Wow. Time flies when you’ve got screaming kids! Its been over 6 months since the last blog piece and while bloggers normally stop posting because they either have nothing interesting left to say (that never ever stopped me) or its no fun posting about losing, the simple fact is that with three kids under three, time is so limited that every waking moment seems to be taken up. Betting wise its been actually ok. With the emphasis very much on the “ok” though. Golf wise, Jeremy Chapman in the RFO is level for the year although he would have been nicely ahead as he had tipped Justin Rose at the […]

Being more transparent….

AP’er commented on my last post that “It would be more interesting if you updated your blog at regular intervals rather than simply when you have a good week. Shame could be decent if you were more transparent”..The definition of which is “open,frank,candid”. Im not entirely sure what constitutes “regular intervals’ and having just become a father to not one but two, time consuming, puking, crying and  crapping little beauties its a little difficult to get the time to post on here whether the news is good or bad. However the comment did make me realise that some of my record keeping was a bit flaky (of the home made […]

Bill Ha(a)s a great weekend

Thats about as contrived as it gets! A superb weekend of sport which was in the main avoided from a trading viewpoint as Blogger towers decamped to London Village for a weekend of frivolity. I kept a watching brief on the Irish Open where Jeremy Chapman (standing in for Steve Palmer) had put up Mr Luiten who looked like he was going to do the business after shooting a great 66 on the Saturday. Alas it wasn’t to be as this man…. Paul Casey was another who was going really well (was seventh) until he completely ran out of steam on the back nine of round two and carded a […]

Nics Picking them!

Who is this young chap I hear you ask? Well its none other than Bryan Nicholson whose twitter profile states: Freelance football and golf writer; Sports bettor, trader and editor of Nicspicks betting blog. Columnist for Unibet and Matchbook Media. First off I don’t know why someone who is called Bryan would call themselves “Nic” but quite frankly I don’t really care. (Edit- Bryan contacted me and its embarrasingly obvious: Bryan Nicholson). What I do care about is golf profit and “Brynic”  is delivering wheelbarrowfulls (Hang on a minute have I just  invited a new word?-I think I may have!) of the stuff.  His record before this weekend was an […]