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No LoveMark!

Jason Lovemark stopped the winning run of the Racing Posts Steve Palmer at the weekend when his 1.5ew 80/1 pick managed to get himself into the lead on Sunday night before making a few double bogeys and bottling it. Despite that setback it was another great weekend of golf betting with Jeremy Chapman coming to the party in the form of Jason Duffner  winning at 40/1. Duffner battled it out with David Lingmerth who was a 70/1 selection from Nics picks so it made for very comfortable and enjoyable viewing and meant that Lovemark was soon forgotten about. Bryan who runs NicsPicks is constantly altering his staking pattern and ideas […]

Lucky (Chap)Man

An absolute belter of a tune that still sounds as good today as it did on release in 1998 (a good year for discovering new stuff I seem to recall). Nothing to do with betting apart from the fact its a reverential nod towards a certain Mr Jeremy Chapman who rather inexplicably didn’t manage to get a mention in my last post . 118 points profit in a month is some going and that’s exactly what he has managed to do in a spectacular month.That’s not luck its skill. 38 picks giving 4 winners ( two at 33/1) and 7 places is top top work coming from a service that is […]

Karlsberg dont do arbs….

…..But if they did then then one on Rikard last week at the Italian Open would surely be one of them. He was availible for a short while at 50 to back with lay money at 20 available . I can only think that the exciting finish to the event (with at one time it was looking like an 8 man play off) meant that it somehow got missed by trading teams . Made for an enjoyable afternoons golf. 🙂 Not quite as exciting over in the states with Jeremy Chapman’s pick making it “another Day another dollar” with relative ease however it was a small stakes bet . Little […]

Bumper edition

Well where to start…. First off everyone probably saw the BBC 1 series Britain at the Bookies- it raised all sorts of issues that I could probably fill a whole blog with and, in the main was an enjoyable and (reasonably) well balanced look at the industry . I took particular interest in episode two which featured Steve Palmer of Racing Post fame. SP came across as a highly likable individual and to anyone who followed him on twitter a few years back until he was “trolled out” ( have i just invented a new saying?)  that wont be any surprise. What did surprise/shock/horrify  me was his completely amateur approach […]

Chap Still the Man

Long time between posts again and most blogs normally wither and die as they start off in blaze of positivity and then the postings dry up when the profits stop coming in. I’m glad to say that this isn’t the case here (Honest!) but its just that being a (pretty much) full time stay at home Dad whilst juggling part time work, and making money from Betfair etc means that something has to give and unfortunately for my tens of avid readers its normally this blog. Its actually been a cracking few months for the different services I get involved in and a strong 2015 generally. Racing wise Hugh Taylor […]

Racing Post golf selections. Results 2013

One of my new year’s resolutions 12 months ago was to keep better records of my activity so that I could work out what better what was going well/not so well. Its slightly annoying to see that for some strange reason I only decided to implement this in sufficient detail from the 1st Feb 2013 so while this isn’t “complete” as such it will I think give a fair representation of the performance of the Racing Post golf team (which consists of Steve Palmer with Jeremy Chapman standing in from time to time and adding his own selections for big events). If you are a regular reader of the blog […]

Slightly Hoff target

A close run run thing in the warm up to the masters in Texas with one point pick for both Jeremy Chapman of the Racing  Post and Bryan Nicholson of “nicks picks ” going close with Charley Hoffman. “The Hoff” was well placed going into the final round and at odds of 45/1 an exciting evening was on the cards. Perhaps as he stepped on the first tee he was thinking of Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra as he double bogeyed the first and was then always playing catch up. In fairness he managed to birdie 6 out of the last 8 holes which in any other event probably would […]

Good year of Golf

Historically Wednesday is always the day when the blog gets its highest number of hits when people who are using search engines to find either “Racing Post golf picks” or “Steve Palmer Golf picks” . Why they don’t stop faffing about and just buy the online edition I’m not sure and if you really cant afford to spend £2 on the post then there is perhaps an argument that says they shouldn’t be having a punt anyway! Anyway the golf season has now started its Christmas break (I was going to say finished the season however I noted that the 2 recent South African events counted towards next years race […]

Thats better…..

A cracking result from the Golf Guru service last weekend who broke a recent lean spell with a nice 35/1 winner in the shape of Sergio Garcia at last weekends wyndham championship. Disappointingly  the tournament spilled over onto the Monday morning and was rather surprised that Sky didn’t televise it. No wobbles from Sergio as 4 birdies from the off put paid to any thought of a betting mishap,  It was a nice situation to be in as the man chasing him down the home straight was Racing Post two point pick Tim Clark so a “win win”. The RP golf  (Steve Palmer and Jeremy Chapman combined) is now 60 […]

“One bad swing…..

….. is all it takes”.  I must have repeated that phrase half a dozen times on Sunday evening when a few of my friends were asking me whether they thought Rorys price was too low and if it was worth a lay. I think my response was something along the lines of  “If the wind stays away he will win as he is hittting it very well,  its worth a lay though as it looks value.” As anyone one who watched the dramatic finale to the British open will know a four shot lead can disappear in a matter of minutes and one bad swing is all it takes. I […]