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Do your homework!!

  A phrase that  used to fill my heart with dread as a kid when I asked my mum if I could “play out” with my mates. The same applies  with all the various systems that always seem to be  pushed at us by various sources. Its not uncommon for various systems/tipping services etc to be advertised by people promoting the service and getting a cut so this therefore makes it difficult to get an unbiased view  . Of course no one makes you buy any of this stuff so the key here is do your research and homework. More often than not though that’s where the fun and games […]

Betting time machine

Anyone listen to the first Talksport show featuring  those two public enemies Keys and Gray? I thought they “smashed it”. Anyway enough of that I had to laugh this morning when I woke up to find the following mail in my inbox. ——————– Ian Erskine sent it to me on Feb 15, 2011, 4:02 AM The fourth trial consists of trading on Overs Unders in the selections sent to me by the system author a long term FTS member. The advice today is Over Unders Trading Each day when there are selections this trial consists of trading on differents Over/Unders Markets. A lot of the trades are left to run. […]

Seventh heaven

A slightly over the top title perhaps but I’ve got to admit I’m feeling quite pleased with myself after recording my seventh straight days of wins laying the draw giving me a nice return of £316.87. On December 14th it was all going a little pear shaped  as a combination of crap results plus a very steep learning curve meant that I was struggling to make any headway. So what has happened? Firstly I’ve seen the benefit of keeping good records as it has allowed me to understand how much I have been winning or losing and look into a bit more detail to see where it was going wrong. […]

Services I use

I’ve been mailed by a few people asking me about the various systems that I use so thought would list then here for future reference. Firstly let me say its very to spend a lot of money on all the various different get rich schemes that are constantly being pushed on the internet. The vast majority of these are utter rubbish and just reinventions of the same crap that are very professional marketed. Interestingly and rather ironically a whole new industry has sprung up recently reviewing these systems and professing to weed out the crap ones. No surprise that they charge you for this information!. Here is a list of […]

thats more like it!

After the chaos of yesterday I decided to be more focused today and looked to concentrate mainly on football. Matt Abraham sent through seven picks and I laid the draw in all of them- its weird putting bets on teams that you have never even heard of but every single one came off so a great result. The two German games that he selected both had goal in the first five minutes so both trades were immediately closed to take the profit.  These picks are not that time consuming as all you really need to do is to lay the draw and then make sure you have some form of […]


The first post for a few days after being away on business and with the return of the premier league plus excellent racing from Newmarket there is lots to go at. The title and the line above were added at around midday and proved to be pretty correct although perhaps a more apt title might have been “bitten off more than I can chew” as I definitely overstretched myself by looking to get involved in both football and racing on a hectic day. First lesson learnt was on the Bet365  feature races on which I had placed 5 back bets that night before- the price had drifted big time on […]

Trading or betting?

A mixed day in the bunker today as I decided I would have a break from the norm and indulge in some trading on both golf and football. The football trading started well with a tidy little £24 profit after laying the draw in the Siena Modena game. I took out some insurance by laying Siena to score first and although they left it a little late it came good. I’m regularly mailed the selections from Ian Erskine (FTS) after buying his ebook a couple of years ago but only got involved a couple of times before losing and giving up. Typically the times I lost heavily were when I did not […]