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Hugh(e) Variance

Im not entirely sure that that post title works but lets stick with it for the time being. Heres a question for my thousands of avid readers. If you read the following write up would you get involved?: There’s not much that I’d get excited about today, but RAASHDY might have a bit better chance than his odds suggest in the second division of the 1m2f handicap at Chelmsford this evening (8.45) and he’s the each-way suggestion for small stakes. It’s not hard to find the negatives to his chance, as you’d expect of one at his price, as his recent form has mirrored that of his stable, which hasn’t had a […]

Golf – (and another free book giveaway!)

I’ve not  written about golf a for a bit and with the end of the season approaching (does it really end though?) I thought I would try and work out which tipster has worked out better for me. Regular readers will know that over the year I have followed the selections in both the Racing and Football outlook (RFO) and the Racing Post (RP) but my record keeping has let me down and,although I’ve been very thorough in collating the numbers  in so far as overall results are concerned- when it has come down to the actual detail of which service has done what I’ve not got it.  I’ve tried […]

Thoroughly Examined

I’m not a big one for talking about which tipster services I use for a couple of reasons. The first one is that if does look like you have a personal interest in the promotion of the service (more of that another time) and secondly the bookmakers are a bit sneaky sometimes and could limit your account if you talk openly about using services which are on their hit list for having the temerity to actually provide winners! I’m going to break cover on the Market Examiner as I’ve found the service to be excellent, not only in terms of a strike rate and return but more importantly because of […]

Do your homework!!

  A phrase that  used to fill my heart with dread as a kid when I asked my mum if I could “play out” with my mates. The same applies  with all the various systems that always seem to be  pushed at us by various sources. Its not uncommon for various systems/tipping services etc to be advertised by people promoting the service and getting a cut so this therefore makes it difficult to get an unbiased view  . Of course no one makes you buy any of this stuff so the key here is do your research and homework. More often than not though that’s where the fun and games […]

Bill Haasn’t/Stewart Sunk

I quite like that title and am now waiting by the phone  the Sun sports editor to offer me a job (I realise that I know far too much about sport to get the gig). A superb weekend for the golf tips picked by the Racing posts Steve Palmer although not for obvious reasons. Bill Haas was advised at 80/1 and after leading after the the first round he was into 6’s on Betfair which allowed me quite a considerable lay. He was always in contention and if he hadn’t had put his ball in the water at 18 would probably have made the play off . Stewart Cink had […]

Royal wedding

I’ve got to admit that despite not being that fussed about the whole royalty thing I got sucked into the fuss about the Royal Wedding. Yes despite me thinking it was a huge waste of money I couldn’t help myself and became one of the herd of people who had to watch the whole event. I first saw it here and my thoughts were confirmed here.  It certainly turned out to be a day of celebration and the bookies got hammered.Of course I’m not talking about William and Kate and the colour of the Queens hat  but the 5.30 at Fontwell. This from my twitter feed : “So,Royal Wedding won […]

Hooray for the weekend!!

Its weird when you  look forward to the weekend but for completely different reasons to that of everyone around you. Most “normal people” are looking forward to relaxing and doing normal fascinating stuff like going to the garden centre etc (!). We bettors are different and after a week of international football that the perceived wisdom is to stay away from then it represents a welcome return to normality and a busy card (football wise). If your a horses man (not in that sense of the word clearly) then its the start of the flat season and all the excitement that brings. So a really hectic day and one that […]

Glad Vic was there….

Cheltenham. So how was it for you? Not a big horses fan personally but found it all quite exciting which I didn’t really expect. From a personal  financial view point it was a cracker- My best one since records began (that will be since last year then). The number of offers from the bookmakers (especailly on the first couple of days) was excellent and Mrs blogger and I got seriously stuck in. The highlight of the week was undoubtedly  the Cheltenham Gold cup and Victor Chandler offering full refunds if the horse you backed came 2nd or 3rd. With the top four horses all fancied it was a great race […]

Return of the rake…..

Not quite as catchy perhaps as “return of the mack” but seeing as I was away at the weekend and have very little to report it was a nice surprise to have received this from one of our guest writers “the rake”. ——————————– ‘As I said to my Producer ’ As my friends will testify – I’m a bit of a Ronnie Corbett. No, I’m not 5’ 1” and I was never involved in one of Britain’s best loved double acts. The truth is I digress. I can’t help it. I’ll wander from one subject to another with the most tenuous link, but unlike Ronnie I don’t always get to […]


Saturday saw a rare day off from football trading as I treated myself to a day at the races. I’m not that into horse racing to honest so my trips to my local course are quite rare – especially strange considering that in the summer I can hear the commentaries if I open the office window as I’m that near. Being an “insider”  (according to my friends having this blog makes me some sort of industry expert) didn’t give me any particular insight into the races and in the main I drew blank, one of my friends has very close connections with all of the major bookmakers and despite receiving […]