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Hidden Gold

I saw written recently somewhere ( could I be more vague?)  that the power of the internet makes us all lazy. I think thats actually quite true as we are becoming more and more accustomed to finding out all the information we require ( or think we do) by just pressing a couple of buttons on our PC’s. Anything that requires a bit more effort and people just don’t want to know. I always laugh when I see that tv advert with Christino Ronaldo on it with one of those electronic abs machines- seriously??? I wonder how many “larger” people have bought that thinking all they have to do is […]

Time flies

Wow. Time flies when you’ve got screaming kids! Its been over 6 months since the last blog piece and while bloggers normally stop posting because they either have nothing interesting left to say (that never ever stopped me) or its no fun posting about losing, the simple fact is that with three kids under three, time is so limited that every waking moment seems to be taken up. Betting wise its been actually ok. With the emphasis very much on the “ok” though. Golf wise, Jeremy Chapman in the RFO is level for the year although he would have been nicely ahead as he had tipped Justin Rose at the […]

Bumper edition

Well where to start…. First off everyone probably saw the BBC 1 series Britain at the Bookies- it raised all sorts of issues that I could probably fill a whole blog with and, in the main was an enjoyable and (reasonably) well balanced look at the industry . I took particular interest in episode two which featured Steve Palmer of Racing Post fame. SP came across as a highly likable individual and to anyone who followed him on twitter a few years back until he was “trolled out” ( have i just invented a new saying?)  that wont be any surprise. What did surprise/shock/horrify  me was his completely amateur approach […]

Back on the Rollercoaster

Cant believe its been more than a month since the last post but unfortunately for my legions of avid listeners I’m still here! The lack of posting has been purely and simply down to a lack of time- after becoming a dad 10 months ago I’m now in charge of Junior some days with Mrs Blogger returning to work. Hats off to any single parents out there as looking after a young child ,who is just discovering the word is a 100% full time job. At the moment everything in the house apparently  to be tested to see whether its edible! A current  speciality is playing with my iphone (harmless […]

But that joke isn’t funny anymore

It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone More than you’ll ever know … Kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down You kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down Belting track by the Smiths. Relevance to all things gambling? Zilch. Relevance to the blog….. Read with interest a post this week on the Green All Over blog where Mr Cassini decided to have yet another pop at Mark Iverson in a piece called Soccer in play. I won’t go into the full details here as I’m assuming […]


I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and post something about Betdaq being taken over by the always forward thinking Ladbrokes. Quite how the movers and shakers there will get their head around people actually winning money without instantly shouting “close that account” will be interesting for sure. Actually I lied when i said i was going to post about them as really its just a summing up of whats out their at the moment on the blogosphere which is quite lazy of me but then hey! First off   is Sports trading life with a post entitled 5 reasons you need a betfair account.Theres nothing earth shatteringly new […]


The comedian Stewart Lee is very much an acquired taste. Lee is the man who co wrote the Jerry Springer musical that resulted in accusations of blasphemy and death threats from the religious right so he is not afraid of taking on some rather sensitive subjects. This would probably explain his lack of mainstream appeal and if your idea of comedy is watching Michael McIntyre talking about how funny it is doing the ironing or Peter Kay rehashing the same routine (which admittedly was funny eight years ago)  then Stewart Lee is not your man. I saw him in Nottingham a few years back when he did a routine about […]

Ticking over

A steady weekend on the betting front as a very boozy trip to Cardiff to see the washed out ODI followed by the 20/20  finals meant that betting opportunities were kept to a minimum.I had hoped that the phone coverage at the Swalec was going to be good enough to do a bit of “courtsiding ” but it was soon clear that this was never going to be the case so it was a day on the beer was the only option. Probably the certainty of the weekend was that Lanky the Giraffe wasn’t going to win the Mascot Derby after streaking ahead into a massive early lead only to […]

Amazing Grace (again)

The racing post golf picks have been going through a pretty poor run recently so it was great to see Steve Palmer return to form in the Chinese Open when he tippd up Branden Grace at 60/1 and also managed to find the runner up Nicolas Colsaerts (18/1) and the 4th placed George Coetzee at 40/1. Superb stuff although it will be interesting to see what the headlines are in the racing post on Wednesday morning. I wouldn’t put it past them to have a big splash saying something along the lines of “Inform tipster Steve palmer does it again with 60/1″ winner” As with all things this only tells […]

Quite rosey

Back into the swing of things after returning from my holiday and the end of my first week back in weekend was somewhat spoilt by Justin Rose suffered a “valve problem”  in the Honda Classic on Sunday night as he  managed to put his ball in the water at the 15th (I think i heard the words” the bear trap” about a thousand time on Sky sports- its just three holes guys!!!) just as he got to withing two shots of Rory at the weekends Honda Golf Classic.  It was a shame as he looking good as one of Steve Palmers golf picks (40/1) but it just wasnt to be […]