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Blown away

As mentioned in the previous post was lucky enough to spend a day at Sandwich on Saturday at the British open golf.  Lucky in that it was a great occasion that I  would recommend to anyone with more than a passing interest in the game but unlucky in that the weather in the morning passage of play was truly shocking. Anyone who had gone out early really didn’t stand too much of a chance and any of my golfing picks who were left in after the cut seemed to fall into this category and fell by the wayside. I had traded quite well on the first day and had left […]

Golfing value

There is always all sorts of talk in the blogosphere about “finding an edge” “maintaining an edge” etc etc, well here’s a little secret for you if your going to indulge in some golf betting- put your alarm clock on early! I know by looking at the stats that for search queries on this blog that Steve Palmers racing post golf picks are obviously very popular. Considering that the RP is £1.80 and is widely availible then I’m amazed people don’t just buy it instead of trying to find the tips online. It would be very easy to post them up here but I’m sure it would infringe all sorts […]

Learning Curve

A negative weekend with the golf betting with a loss of  £127 although not overly concerned as after 4 weeks of following the picks I’ve achieved a return of 27% which is none too bad.. The combined talents of the RFO and the RP managed to get a place in American with Zach Johnson having a storming final round- over in Spain it really was a rollercoaster ride and two picks in the top five really only tells half the story. One of the papers or  a comment online said it was one of the weakest fields that had seen in a long time and the standard of scoring looked […]

Bill Haasn’t/Stewart Sunk

I quite like that title and am now waiting by the phone  the Sun sports editor to offer me a job (I realise that I know far too much about sport to get the gig). A superb weekend for the golf tips picked by the Racing posts Steve Palmer although not for obvious reasons. Bill Haas was advised at 80/1 and after leading after the the first round he was into 6’s on Betfair which allowed me quite a considerable lay. He was always in contention and if he hadn’t had put his ball in the water at 18 would probably have made the play off . Stewart Cink had […]

We have a winner!

Firstly lets put the whole book saga to bed! Apologies if my last post sounded like I was throwing my toys out of the pram- “the blog will go on”. We have a winner!- Sean from the excellent Birdie Club betting blog left this post: Ahhhh…..does someone want a hug?;) Seriously though I know what you mean…”its like talking to yourself.” You have a great blog, its one of the first I read each evening. Golf betting has its ups & downs, its fantastic when you have a winner, especially at 50/1 or better but as with all betting, it often has it’s lean periods as is such the case […]

spittle in mouth

There was no release of liquid from my mouth this weekend (a Steve Palmer “facespitter” ) as Jim Furyk managed to self destruct in the Heritage after calling a foul on himself and then four putting. I’m not entirely sure who actually would be the recipient of the “fs” as being my own boss it may be somewhat unpleasant but will cross that bridge when I come to it. I managed to make make a bit of a balls up on the golf actually and in my haste to put a few quid on the other contenders in the field that I hadn’t covered It seemed like i put money […]

Golf betting

Golf is a sport that ever since I gave up football due to having a pair of knees about 20 years older than the age in my passport I’ve becoming more and more keen on. As a game I find it  constantly challenging and seeing as it normally involves a decent amount of exercise (more so when you have an unerring inability to hit the ball in straight line) along with a few shandies afterwards it takes quite a few boxes. As a betting medium it lends itself perfectly to betfair trading as it can be very volatile when you get into the final rounds of a tournament with odds […]

Golf- A valid business expense?

Very little activity again for me this weekend as  I trekked down to the extremes of  Kent to participate in a spot of  “Extreme golf” (also known as playing Links golf in howling wind and freezing cold hail stones, believe me it was brutal ). The reason for the title was that we played at Princes golf course which is next door Royal St Georges where this years open will be held (literally as two holes on the two are separated by a small ditch) and as such it gave a fascinating insight into what qualities will be important in order to win the event. I can say from experience […]

Ancelotti’s eyebrow….

was going into overdrive on Saturday after watching his faltering Chelsea team fail again. (If you don’t know what I mean then watch his left eyebrow when he is next on- its got a life of its own!). It was obvious that they were not going to win the moment I picked them in the Paddy Power last man standing comp. I’m glad that I chose to lay them as some form of “insurance” to make me feel better and also backed Arsenal and Sunderland as they were the most selected teams out of the remaining 13 people.Oh well…… A nice weekend for the Football Elite service which I currently […]

Four day horse race.

What I hear you say? Has the betting blogger lost the plot ? Nope its how someone once described trading on golf tournaments. The point being that there is plenty of movement in the odds but as it takes place over an extended time frame you have  the opportunity to take  positions and trade in and out of them. The biggest danger is obviously someone someone not making the cut and one bad hole can send the odds soaring however its something I’ve always “dabbled in” but am now going to formalise into my own trial to see if it can pay off. I’ve set up two separate trading banks […]