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Tweeting the Badger.

Twiiter is a weird environment. The first thing you notice is that people are quite rude. Civility and manners goes out the window and peoples default setting seems to be unnaturally aggressive. Reasoned debate seems to go out the window and people seem to think that only having 140/280 characters to get their message across  makes it ok to “act up ” a little bit. In fairness you could  forgive people sometimes for  being defensive given the unbelievable amount of “trollong” that goes on but the reason I bring it up was because of an “conversation” that I was involved in. I revolved around the recent BPL T20 match between […]

Trading systems?

In January of this year I signed up for the years annual subscription of Bet Angel professional (which unless its gone up looks like it cost me £149). I’ve played about with it from time to time but certainly haven’t got anywhere near my value. That’s not to say its not a good bit of kit, its just that I haven’t really invested the time required to make the most of it. So with January approaching whats a man to do? I’m planning to get quite heavily into tennis trading this year (along with more football) so I’m sure I need something to give me quicker access to the markets, […]