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Thoroughly Examined

I’m not a big one for talking about which tipster services I use for a couple of reasons. The first one is that if does look like you have a personal interest in the promotion of the service (more of that another time) and secondly the bookmakers are a bit sneaky sometimes and could limit your account if you talk openly about using services which are on their hit list for having the temerity to actually provide winners! I’m going to break cover on the Market Examiner as I’ve found the service to be excellent, not only in terms of a strike rate and return but more importantly because of […]


… to Cheltenham has started. My inbox has starting filling up nicely with all sorts of offers from bookmakers trying to tempt me and Mrs Blogger to use there services. So far I’ve had nice little offers from Bet Fred Unibet and Betfair (apparently they would like me to start using their casino again). All either cashed in in for some profit or saved up for Cheltenham. I’m also watching some of the racing bookmakers quite closely as they are enhancing prices every day and its a good opportunity to build a book in betfair and potentially benefit from nice arbs without losing a chunk of profit to the exchanges […]