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Football trading

Struggled to find any relevant witty (or at least I think they are!) picture to go with the above  title as don’t want this post to seem like one long advert (edit- after re reading this  post it does look like an advert!!). After sorting out my various different spreadsheets and elements of record keeping that I mentioned in my last post I settled in yesterday for some football trading with low stakes to get my head around some ideas and test some strategies out. International fixtures sometimes have a reputation for being a bit tricky but the good thing about yesterdays games were that there was lots of liquidity […]

Getting organised

Its strange really that one of the key elements in making constant profits from sports betting is probably one of the most overlooked. Plenty of people are willing to invest all sorts of money on the latest get rich system yet without the right set up and structure you just aren’t giving yourself the best chance. A good example of this (and bear with me as its a bit of strange analogy) is the England cricket team. Not a stone has been left unturned in terms of their preparation and and attention to detail whether it be the oppositions strengths and weaknesses or just  the training routines and warm up […]


A terrible terrible pun and I really should apologise . It narrowly beat (Rushden and) Diamonds are forever. So what the hell am I going on about? Well the pre match trading tool from the guys at trading football was finally launched and as is their way they like to give strategies and products names and this one is called “Shirley”- no idea why perhaps the guys will explain. Having only signed up for it it yesterday its obviously far too early to do any sort of review but its fair to say that at £42 a month I’m confident that she will get used and abused or taken back! […]

Fair result

Can’t argue with Barca winning the Champions league final on Saturday evening- a truly great team and one that must just be a nightmare to play against. When I heard the United team announced pre game it was exactly what I had hoped for so no complaints- the better team won. No complaints either with the offers from the Bookmakers for the game and if anyone had taken my advice that I posted up they would have secured themselves a handsome profit. I manged to secure refunds on all the scores under 3.5 goals which I had dutched as a result of both Messi and Rooney scoring (which was always […]

No Choi at the Zurich

It was a case of “close but no cigar” with the American golf on Sunday with KJ getting himself right into contention only to bogey 15 and 17 and ultimately end up 2 shots off the lead. I’d backed him each way and after a few (very minor) attempts at trading I ended the event with a loss of £25 which I’m more than pleased with considering the Westwood win the day before. Saturdays racing saw a great performance from Frankel and even I as a “non horses” person was watching it in awe- very impressive. Also very impressive was the Boylesports offer to refund any bets if your horse […]

“ITV Football not free anymore?”

A very busy weekend of trading to look forward to and with a return to league we can leave the unpredictability of  FA Cup team selection behind for a few more weeks. As per my previous post I attended the Betfair trading course at Centaur on Wednesday night which gave me a few decent ideas that I personally had not tried before. Firstly let me say that for anyone who lives within an easy Journey of central London that is definitely worth attending if you receive an invitation.Having said that the courses do appear to be in their formative stages and it felt like an opportunity missed in terms of […]