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A disappointing Masters from a viewing and betting standpoint as Jordan Speith produced a real master class in short game skills to comfortably hold off the challenge of Justin Rose. One particular moment of brilliance that I thought summed it up was on the 18th on Saturday when he found himself out of position at the back of the green. It looked like it would be a bogey at best yet somehow he got “up and down” holing a wicked 8ft putt. I was in an excellent trading position on Rose with a lovely 4 figure green on him yet he never quite got close enough to lock in any profit and […]


So the inevitable happened and Im sat here watching Sky Sports News going into complete overdrive regarding David Moyes sacking but as previously stated here it was clear he was massively out of his depth and I actually feel quite sorry for him. I’ve gone on record previously as saying  that I believe he was “sold a pup” by Sir Alex Ferguson  in terms of an aging squad that had been chronically under-invested in over the last 5 years and I’ll stand by that statement. There was a telling statistic which was trotted out on his 50th game in charge, in that time he had picked 50 different teams. He […]

Still here…..

When I titled my last blog piece “how soon is now” I didn’t realise that the title could well have been referring to the delay before the next post. It’s been a hectic 6 weeks or so at blogger towers and every time I’ve sat down and thought about posting something I’ve been distracted. To be honest “distracted” is probably a bit of an understatement as Blogger junior arrived at the end of October and as any new parent will tell you it’s a whirlwind from day one. My daughter clearly can’t speak yet although I could have sworn that through all those screams at 3am I heard her say […]

What goes around…..

………comes around. On the 9th April 1993 I was sat just to the right of a half built Stretford End when Steve Bruce scored his famous goal against Sheffield Wednesday  in the 7th minute of injury time. I remember it clearly as the girl I had been seeing for 364 days had stated the night before ” its our anniversary- you need to choose between f**king Man United and me!” . When that goal went in my best friend turned and said to me ” well if your gonna get dumped , what a game for it to happen on”. Fast forward to Wednesday 18th September 90+7′ Le Fondre A. […]


showing reluctance, especially when insincere or affected, to reveal one’s plans or opinions, make a commitment, or take a stand: With no posts for over a week you could argue that I was being coy about McCoy and you wouldn’t be far wrong. In the last post I mentioned that he had gone on a bit of run with 4 winners in 5 rides. If that wasn’t painful enough he carried on the run with 9 winners from 17 to wipe out the previous good start that I had made. I didn’t personally watch all the races he was involved in winning/losing although I know that in one of them […]

Movember Round up

I’m ashamed to say I bottled out of the Movember action after giving myself a great opportunity to take part with five days off work in Portugal- I shaved it off after getting the feeling that Mrs Blogger wasn’t to keen on it so hats off to Micheal Owen for this momentous effort.  As one of my friend said “he looks like a 15 year kid who has grown a moustache so he can get served in his local pub” I’m sure he will have pulled a hamstring growing it but all for a great cause so fair play. So the end of the month and despite saying this in […]

Snake eyes a twirling magnet

Odd title for a post. Although perhaps not too strange if you have read the previous post and are anxiously tuning in to see where I am  with my “laying AP McCoy ” project (I really do need to think of a snappy name for it) . Today was belter with AP on Snake Eyes at Kempton in the 1pm race which was sent off at 1.22 and traded at 1.01 for what seemed like an eternity before gettingbeaten .  Next off was “Twirling magnet” in the 2.35 and although this wasn’t quite as well fancied (sp of 5) it was  quite soundly beaten to make for a very profitable  […]

Super Poults

A lack of updates to the blog in the last week as I was very fortunate to be able to get  away to Portugal for a few rounds of golf. The previous week had been really successful from a golf betting perspective as blog favourite Ian Poulter managed two great rounds on golf on the Saturday and Sunday to come from out of the pack to secure a nice 2.5 points success for the Racing Post  Steve Palmer at 18/1. This week was a mixed bag as I tried to keep my betting to an absolute minimum as Ive found that if you are away on holiday you really should […]


No posts for a while as I was away for a week in the Portuguese sun but still managed to sneak on the villas Internet after playing golf every other day when Mrs blogger wast looking . Hugh Taylor had three winners while I was out there (and another today ) so although I didn’t get the advised  prices as they were all placed on Betfair, it still paid for a fair  few “Super Bocks”. More regular readers of the blog will know that I’m following  three  football services this year (Cassinis xx draws, Graeme Dands Football Analyst  and newcomer (to me at least) football bets.co.uk) but even though I’d […]


The comedian Stewart Lee is very much an acquired taste. Lee is the man who co wrote the Jerry Springer musical that resulted in accusations of blasphemy and death threats from the religious right so he is not afraid of taking on some rather sensitive subjects. This would probably explain his lack of mainstream appeal and if your idea of comedy is watching Michael McIntyre talking about how funny it is doing the ironing or Peter Kay rehashing the same routine (which admittedly was funny eight years ago)  then Stewart Lee is not your man. I saw him in Nottingham a few years back when he did a routine about […]