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Bookies get hammered (?)

I’ve had to laugh the last couple of days with the bookmakers turning to social media to make a huge deal over the fact that for once all the favoured football teams won meaning that the “ACCA” bets so loved by recreational/mug (delete depending on your view) punters actually won. This press release came out before Arsenal won away to Aston Villa last night which I imagine would have added to the so called “pain”. Regular viewers will have seen me talk about “win together and lose on your own “ when it comes to people having a bet (after all who ever heard of anyone proudly boasting that they had £50 […]

Cant stop moses

Time for a slightly irrelevant (and after you’ve read it some might say slightly  mad) post from occasional contributor to the blog “Son of Moses”   (And I  have no idea what this is all about!! ). You can find his previous post here. ————————————- I used to love football I use to turn up at the Bridge five minutes before the game Wait at the top of Brittania Road until the National Front finished giving out their leaflets And then pay a fiver to go in and join the crowd Brilliant, exciting Great crowd. Funny songs Get your tits out for the lads they used to sing to the hot […]

Better than expected!

I put on my last post that I had been “dabbling” in some trades over the weekend,however when I checked my account it appeared that all those little wins had added up to a nice healthy green £196.45. I have to say that there was a little bit of luck involved with goals coming at exactly the right time in the Malaga game  (and others) to give a perfect “SHS” result . I pay £25 for my monthly subscription to the trading football service so this has paid for more than a few months subscriptions. So below we have a my results for a couple of hours “dabbling” .  It’s  […]

Last man standing?

Seeing as the majority of readers of this blog will fancy themselves as football pundits here is a  little something for everyone to get involved in. Paddy Powers last man standing is a quite entertaining and requires you to pick a team that wins every week. Sounds quite easy until you realise that you can only pick the same team once. When you then throw in the unpredictability of this years premiership you have got quite an interesting little competition. I’ve set up a comp which is a £5 to enter with all of the prize money going to the winner (less the 5% that paddy takes for setting it […]

Seventh heaven

A slightly over the top title perhaps but I’ve got to admit I’m feeling quite pleased with myself after recording my seventh straight days of wins laying the draw giving me a nice return of £316.87. On December 14th it was all going a little pear shaped  as a combination of crap results plus a very steep learning curve meant that I was struggling to make any headway. So what has happened? Firstly I’ve seen the benefit of keeping good records as it has allowed me to understand how much I have been winning or losing and look into a bit more detail to see where it was going wrong. […]

Albino Football- Suprise draw!

Last nights Italian Serie B game certainly created a buzz on twitter etc and in case any one didn’t pick up on it the top line is that of £4.36m traded £4.1m was on the draw in the Albinoleffe vs Piacenza game last night! The price of the draw was backed in massively as you can see here on Peter Webbs excellent bet angel blog. For me this created a great opportunity as the draw pre game at 1.46 just gives you so much upside. I laid this and then just recovered my stake when the first goal went in. An indication of just how “iffy” this game was is […]


…seems like its the only thing that you can bet on at the moment due to this bloody weather. Talking of which fairplay to “The Power” last night in getting second place in SPOTY .  I’ve been out on the beer with him a couple of times on work related do’s a few years ago and he was a top top guy who is 100% genuine and loves a beer. Fairplay also to Youwin who have decided to run a promo on the PDC darts 1st round matches. Nice little £80 Profit on those for me and Mrs Blogger. Football wise it was a bit of a whiteout with hardly […]

Car crash……

…. thats what the weekend felt like from a LTD viewpoint at least. In fact it felt like a car crash followed by the ambulance  that was taking me to hospital getting shunted! I had previously stated that I was going to publish my “compound and increase stakes ” idea (as I said before not very original but on the face of it highly “doable”). Going into the weekend after 21 days of trading (normally 2/3 games a day) I was showing a profit of £65.98 . This was no where near what I had aimed for as my starting bank for this project was £1250 so 24 days of […]


Just back from a week relaxing in Dubai and in my mailbox  had the first of what I hope are many guest posts from someone  calling himself  “the son of moses”. Here’s his first post and if anyone wants to contribute I’m more than happy to post it as long as its not offensive. In 1924 a giant of English football won the old 1st Division. They subsequently won the title the next 2 years. For 3 years in a row the same team dominated the national sport. Well supported the terraces of this Yorkshire power house were consistently rammed with standing, cheering singing fans. Leeds Road with its capacity of […]