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Hacked off on Sunday……

Thats what a lot of football traders will have been thinking on Sunday with the word out in the “blogsophere” all a bit gloomy after 0-0 draws a plenty and late goals in other games that will have forced early exits.  I had a day off trading on Sunday so wasn’t so hacked off but literally hacked into by some techy  from eastern Europe  who thinks its funny to fuck up peoples hard work. No real problems caused although it took time to reset various issues and that the reason why you will see the crappy google ad just above which the fuckers inserted and I haven’t got round to […]

T20 Success

Well done to England for closing out a great game of T20 on Wednesday morning. A great advert for the shorter form of the game and with societies craving for “instant gratification” you can see why more and more people (players and fans alike) are  making  it their priority.  For all the grumblings from the traditionalists (don’t get me wrong I’m one!) about test match cricket being “the true test of a player” ask yourself this question – if you could earn just as much money in 20 overs as you could in 5 days what would you do? It also marked my first foray into cricket trading and rather […]

Spinning plates and multiple madness

I remember as a kid watching the generation game and there always seemed to be a regular feature when the contestant was spinning plates and running around trying to keep them spinning. Eventually (and inevitably) to the continued amusement of Bruce Forsyth the plates started smashing. That’s what last night felt like as I committed the betting cardinal sin of combining different types of bet and the ultimate sin in life  – trying to be too f***king clever by half! I don’t normally place multiples (unless the kick off times are staggered giving a really good opportunity to lay off and take profit). A betting pal of mine sent me […]

Seventh heaven

A slightly over the top title perhaps but I’ve got to admit I’m feeling quite pleased with myself after recording my seventh straight days of wins laying the draw giving me a nice return of £316.87. On December 14th it was all going a little pear shaped  as a combination of crap results plus a very steep learning curve meant that I was struggling to make any headway. So what has happened? Firstly I’ve seen the benefit of keeping good records as it has allowed me to understand how much I have been winning or losing and look into a bit more detail to see where it was going wrong. […]

Car crash……

…. thats what the weekend felt like from a LTD viewpoint at least. In fact it felt like a car crash followed by the ambulance  that was taking me to hospital getting shunted! I had previously stated that I was going to publish my “compound and increase stakes ” idea (as I said before not very original but on the face of it highly “doable”). Going into the weekend after 21 days of trading (normally 2/3 games a day) I was showing a profit of £65.98 . This was no where near what I had aimed for as my starting bank for this project was £1250 so 24 days of […]


I think the weekends football was probably a bit of a car crash for all concerned with a set of bizarre results that will have had the bookmakers again laughing all the way to the bank- you would certainly have caught a cold if you were an “odds on backer” with the results at Chelsea and Man City. I didn’t get involved as per my previous post but Sunday was a different story as there were a few games that fitted the LTD criteria. I’ve seen a few comments on various blogs about Ian Erskines LTD selections catching a cold and that was certainly the case with 0-0 games and […]

2steps forward….(and a book to be won)

Details on the free book at the end of the post- its not some crappy ebook promoting a service- its a betting book I read on holiday and may as well give it to someone who will appreciate it!) 2 steps forward and 1 back – or should it be the other way round? A frustrating couple of days with my LTD strategy that saw me lose £82.62 and in the process wipe out some of my previous good gains. I say frustrating as it was caused mainly by a £141 loss in the Spurs Sunderland game- this was pretty much my own fault (although Spurs comical defending must take […]