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Not sure why I settled on a strange fish related theme but its certainly one of the corniest headlines/pictures  in a while. However yet again there was certainly nothing fishy about the golf picks from the racing post and RFO  as they both had  players in the places at the weekend. At one point on Saturday afternoon it looked very very promising as I had 4 players in the top 5 in Czechoslovakia but they slowly fell by the wayside.  Over in America it was even more frustrating as two of the picks Kim and Peterson both  bogeyed the last hole and ended up in a tie for the 5th […]

Weather or not…

If someone had told me a year ago that I could be making a nice tidy sum at 7am on a Thursday morning by paying close attention to the weather forecast then I would have thought they were barking mad. However that’s what happened on  Thursday as the Betfair  price on the draw in the England India 4th test  fell dramatically . This seemed to be a massive overreaction to the forecast predicting  rain in the afternoon (spot on as it happens with 65 overs lost) but the forecast for the next three days was pretty good and the way that India have batted, I feel  the loss of hours […]

Nice French lays

The favourite lays “turned out nice again” this weekend and its the French teams that have turned out to be rather useless with 6 out of 7 odds on favourites getting turned over with Lyon the most inept going off at odds of 1.36. Unusually (apparently) Germany has  seen favourites prosper but with only two weekends of fixtures having been completed it can (and no doubt will)  change. A good start but important that these results are judged in in the long tern rather than isolation.  I was also fortunate in that the two Manchester teams were drawing at halftime and I traded out of these for slight profits and […]

Masterly timing

When your involved in sports gaming for a living one of the first things you should be doing is noting all the big events in a diary a couple of years in advance and ensuring that you don’t book any holidays etc that clash with the big events that give you a chance of making some serious money. I’m normally quite good in this respect although this week I’ve dropped a serious clanger in that I’ve booked a 5 day golfing break to Florida and as a result will miss the Aintree Festival , the US Masters golf  and the start of the IPL.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain as […]


Wasn’t referring to this weeks great 90”s video but the latest goings on in Italian football. I had great intentions of writing a weighty blog piece on this but as per usual have been beaten to it but the excellent Green all over blog who says everything I wanted to say but far more eloquently. Sports trading life has also covered it rather well and comes at the subject from a slightly different angle. My own view? Well, as you ask, I previously got involved in one of these games in December and documented it here . (The benefits of keeping a blog at last!!). Sports trading life suggests you […]

Too much to do!!

Wow! I’m not really sure where to start. What I do know is that the bookies seem to have gone completely mental handing out all sorts of offers for Cheltenham and like a teenager with premature ejaculation they couldn’t wait  and have  done it rather early (details here). Coral giving free £50 bets to people betting on horses, Victor Chandler giving away money for betting on the Man United cup game  as well as some nice offers on tomorrows Imperial cup racing means its going to be a long long day in the Blogger household and I will need all the charm at my disposal to keep Mrs Blogger happy. […]

Suicide watch.

Anyone who backed England at 1.01 in this afternoons World Cup cricket  against Ireland  will be on the above. £2.7 Million traded. Thats £2.7 Million!!! Amazing innings by O’Brien.Brilliant and new world record quickest ODI world Cup century. Oh and a nice game to trade if you happened to throw a bit of money in to the market when Ireland were miles behind :- )    

Its just not cricket….

Or was it? If your a cricket fan then the World Cup finally came to life with yesterdays India v’s England game which was genuinely exciting. I wasn’t trading it but watching from a fans viewpoint and the betfair market must have been going crazy from a trading perspective with lots of twist and turns. It would have been all for nothing though as a tied match on Betfair means all bets are declared void. There was £36 million traded on the game yesterday so that a lot of commission they have lost! The betfair forum on the game has 1374 comments going on about how unfair it was to […]

Back on board the trading bus……

I’ve not got involved in too much trading activity for a while (mainly due to social reasons more than anything else) as I have tried to protect my Betfair bank for Cheltenham, so  I decided to ease myself into it with a couple of  lay the draw trades last night on the Forest/Preston and Blackpool/Spurs games. Turned out to be an interesting night and one that demonstrated  the fine margins that we can encounter in our quest for profit. On the Forest game the market seemed to go into suspension for a long period of time almost immediately after kick off and my “gut feel” just told me to exit […]

Golf- A valid business expense?

Very little activity again for me this weekend as  I trekked down to the extremes of  Kent to participate in a spot of  “Extreme golf” (also known as playing Links golf in howling wind and freezing cold hail stones, believe me it was brutal ). The reason for the title was that we played at Princes golf course which is next door Royal St Georges where this years open will be held (literally as two holes on the two are separated by a small ditch) and as such it gave a fascinating insight into what qualities will be important in order to win the event. I can say from experience […]