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“You cannot be serious”

As  a kid I loved John McEnroe- not only was he an amazing tennis player but he had the attitude to match.  The fact that he was sponsored by Sergio Tacchini made him the envy of every soccer casual the length and breadth of the country. His famous outburst (shown in the featured video section to the right) was unbelievable  at the time and to be fair still is. One of the comedy programmes at the time did a great spoof (features a very young Pamela Stephenson). One of my new years resolutions was 1) Learn and understand tennis trading and this year I aim to get serious  . With […]


Gene Simmons of eighties “hair rock” band KISS claims to have slept with 4897 women. This has no relevance to betting at all. In other news KISS is an often used acronym meaning Keep It Simple Stupid. I’m guilty sometimes of over complicating matters  (last year I was taking Pete Nordsteds drawmaster selections and backing them in ever increasingly complicated doubles and trebles and trying to lay them as well!!) and its something we probably all do from time to time  in that quest to find an edge.  Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious.  The following may be an urban myth but my ex boss told me it: […]