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“Inside a bookie” – the return!

Well after my couple of posts about the madness of some bookmakers marketing departments I thought it was only fair to ask some of the bigger online guys if they wanted to responds and put their side of the story. In fairness they all came back to me but the response was pretty much similar to this one which I received “”Thank you for inviting us to participate in your blog, however on this occasion we would like to decline, sorry we just find that replying to posts to try to justify account closures etc just leads to more abuse on forums etc about practices, as well as allowing fraudsters […]

“Flying under the radar”

Well it appears that my last post about the crazy workings of the geniuses who work at bookmakers was not just some bad luck on my part but pretty much par for the course with plenty of people contacting me to say similar things had happened to them. The question is what can you do about it? Well the first thing is don’t even bother to waste your time mailing bookmaker.com to ask why they have limited your account or removed certain privileges. It’s an utter waste of time as you will just receive some drivel about it’s a commercial decision and it’s nothing personal.  The important thing here is […]

Inside a bookie

Ok for today’s post I’d thought I’d do something different and take  a look into the (imagined?) goings on and thoughts of Bookmakers (and specifically) the Marketing and Trading teams. So lets try to  imagine that we are working in the Marketing department. We will most likely have a decent sized budget which obviously we will spend on relatively high profile advertising at Sports events (which isn’t cheap) or perhaps sponsorship of individual clubs. The name of the game here is gaining new customers and once we have got these customers signed up its then all about maximising the revenue from these same customers. This is  basic business acumen. The […]

barmy bookies

Just a quick post about the bizarre people who work in bookmakers trading offices. I wonder if they work on a different continent to the people in the marketing department? The reason for the question is that I had my Bet365 account limited a couple of days ago. I suppose it was an accident waiting to happen as I was using it mainly to bet on their feature race offer but was also occasionally betting on other events. The account was profitable for them and never more so than on Saturday when I bet on all the feature races (I think that there were 7 ?) and lost on all […]